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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Project 365: Week 15

I'm getting lazy and I need to snap out of it.  My camera, when I use it, has been on Auto more than Manual.  Sure it's nice and easy, but then I see them on the computer and ... yuck.  Not sharp, white balance off, just bad.  I'm not against using Auto mode if it's something cute that the kids are doing and I don't want to miss the moment, but other than that, I need to re-commit to Manual.  I'm just always happier with the result!  

June 27 - Afternoon snuggles

June 28 - Silly faces

June 29 - Girls' night selfie

June 30 - Getting a checkup

July 1 - Fireworks

July 2 - Full lap in the morning

July 3 - Throwing poppers


  1. LOVE your fireworks pictures, friend! When you get a chance I'd like to know what settings you were using and lens.

    1. Hi Sam!! We had never been to these fireworks before, so I took my Tamron 18-200mm because I wasn't sure how far away we would be. Most of my photos ended up being b/w 50 and 100mm, so I'm glad I took that lens. I left my ISO at 100 and aperature at f/16. SS was mostly at 3 seconds, which I think turned out the best, but I did take a few at 1.5 sec and a few more at 5 sec. Net year, I'm definitely taking my tripod and remote to decrease shake! Hope that helps :)


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