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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy July!!

Happy July!!  We have been busy, busy bees lately!  I was lamenting to Brian the other day about the fact that we've been so busy with fun stuff that we haven't had time to do anything productive.  I guess it's worth it, but I've been itching to tackle some things around here.  Some are things that I just can't do without Brian, others are things that I'm just lacking inspiration for, and others are thing that I can't justify spending the money on just yet.

We finally had a Saturday free of sports, parties, and such, so we buckled down and got to work!  Brian focused on the boys' bathroom.  Things on his list were to finish the light fixture, frame out the mirror, and replace the shower fixtures.  After all of those things are finished, I just have 2 tiny spots of paint to touch up, a towel holder to DIY, and a few art pieces to hang, and we can call that room done.  But it drove me a bit crazy to work on those things without light in the room, so Brian's jobs were first on the list.  I'll write up a post on the light fixture, but for now, I'm loving the fact that I can see when I turn on the light in that room!

While Brian was working in the boys' bathroom, I was working in the laundry room.  This room has made me crazy for awhile now.  It's ugly.  It's dysfunctional.  And it's completely torn up by the dogs.  I spent Friday cleaning everything out of the cabinets and scrubbing all surfaces, and then Saturday I got to work.  I painted almost every surface in the room.  Is it putting lipstick on a pig?  Absolutely.  But that lipstick sure makes the pig easier to live with.  Still on the to-do list in there is a valance, cabinet door refresher, replacing the floor, and figuring out a space to store a laundry basket.  

And then, there's our room.  You may remember that I painted the room (Naval by Sherwin-Williams).  I painted the nightstands too, but then stalled out.  I was just out of ideas for awhile, so it has just sat as is and continued to accumulate Brian's dirty clothes all over the floor.  But ... I finally have a plan!!   We made a promise to ourselves that we will "finish" one room before starting another.  While that doesn't 100% work because, for instance, we can't both work in the boys' bathroom or the laundry room, we agreed that we'll work on 2 rooms at a time.  So once either of those rooms are done, I'm moving on to the master!

While I work on our room, Brian will be busy in the family room.  I've done almost everything that I can do in this room, but he has a ton of things to finish.  The list includes installing baseboards, removing the mirror above the fireplace and replacing it with planks, building a fireplace surround, building/installing a mantle, and mounting the TV above the mantle.  Whew.  I'm tired and depressed over my bank account just talking about it.  Luckily, because this summer will be so busy, the work will be stretched out, so hopefully not so stressful on the budget or our time!

Anyway, that's the latest around here.  I suppose this means that I'll have lots and lots to write about in the coming months, amidst all of the summer fun of course!

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