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Thursday, February 9, 2012

5 months!

I don't have "official pediatrician stats" for the boys because appointments are only every 2 months.  But I weigh them weekly at Mom's Club, so I thought I'd share their most current weights and a recent developments.

Weight:  17 lbs 5 oz


Mr. Beckett is as mellow as always.  He's very content to just sit where I put him.  This may be part of the reason he isn't moving around much yet.  As his physical therapist says, he's a "thinker".  When he sees a toy, he has to study it, decide what it is and if he wants it, look at you for approval, then he'll grab it.  The only time he doesn't show much thoughtfulness and concentration is in the exersaucer.  Beckett LOVES to play in the exersaucer.  He rocks around like a wild man.  He is quite chubby and feels heavier than his little brother, even though he isn't anymore.  But he is getting a bit stronger and is working very hard to continue.  He's drooling like crazy and I can see little white lines on his gums, so he might be working on some teeth.  If he's anything like his big brother though, we'll still have to wait another 5 months for them to make an appearance!

Weight:  17 lbs 12 oz

I started calling Kiernan my "little bird" when he was first born.  When he was hungry he'd open his mouth wide and shake his head back and forth like a baby bird.  That nickname is still proving to be true in his voice.  He squawks like a bird for a good part of the day.  But he has defied the nickname in that he's not so little anymore.  Kiernan has almost tripled his birthweight and is now bigger than his big brother.  He loves to eat and is incredibly strong.  He  has mastered rolling from his back to his belly and has gone from his belly to his back a few times.  He only rolls to the right though, so we're working on encouraging him to go to the left too.  He's actually starting to sit unsupported for a few seconds at a time.  

Can't believe my sweet, smiley boys are 5 months old already.  Time is flying!

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