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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Twin Weight Tuesdays. (Er, Wednesday ... again.)

Well, I'm happy to report that I lost a pound this week.  It's not much, but it's certainly a start.  And weight loss breeds motivation for me, so it's been a very positive thing.

Brian and I have also started counting our calories again.  We use apps on our phones to keep track and are able to see each others results too.  Even though he doesn't have any weight to lose in real life, he still would like to watch his calories.  And I think he does it to support me too.  It's easier to track when the person you live with is also tracking.  Even though he gets a whopping 1000 calories more than I do per day.  Sweet Jesus.

Monday night I attended a ballet class with my friend.  She suggested I join her before she knew that I danced for 10 years of my life.  After I informed her of that little tidbit, she was insistent.  I was intimidated by the idea.  I mean, it's been 15 years, 2 pregnancies, 3 babies, and about 80 pounds since I last set foot in a ballet class.  But she assured me that there were people of all levels and ages in this class and that all of the moves would come back to me once I started.  And she was right.  It all came rushing back to me.  My brain knew what to do, but my body COMPLETELY forgot.  Things that used to be simple were making me sweat and strain and almost fall flat on my face.  But it felt good to use muscles I haven't used in a very (very very very) long time.  I'm excited for next Monday!

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