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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Twin Weight Tuesdays. (Er, Wednesday ... again.)

Maybe I should just change it to Wednesday.  Hmmmm.

Anyways, I haven't lost any weight, this week, but I'm doing a bit better on the exercise front.  Brian and I are attempting to get up early and work out before the boys wake up, but their wake up schedule has been a little funky these days so that doesn't always work.  But most days I've been able to squeeze a bit of time during the day to jump on the treadmill for a mile or two.  Not enough, but it's a start.

On Saturday or Sunday evenings, we've been taking a trip to the yogurt bar near our house.  But we've been walking there as a family.  So we get good exercise in and then eat frozen yogurt.  Look people, it's better than ice cream.  It's a nice time for us to talk and just be together as a family.  Last weekend, we started walking and we were barely out of our neighborhood before my tennis shoes started to rub the skin on my Achilles tendons.  I contemplated going home to change socks, but didn't want to hold everyone up.  After walking just another short distance, we were barely a quarter mile into the mile and a half walk and I decided if I continued I would be in so much pain that I wouldn't be able to walk back.  So Brian managed both strollers and I ran back to the house.  Yes, ran.  All the way back to our house.  I put Bandaids on my already broken skin, changed into higher socks, and set out.  I told myself that no matter where my boys were, I was going to run to them.  (And I prayed that Brian had walked very slowly!)  It was tough til I turned the corner and saw them and just kept running. Over half of a mile. I felt like I was going to die, but Brian was so proud of me and I was proud of myself.  It's been a very long time since I ran that far without stopping.  It's a small accomplishment in the grand scheme of things, but it was a breakthrough for me.  I can keep running and I will keep running.

Now, it's time to focus more on food.  One of my close friends has a sweet little girl who is a month older than my boys.  She is struggling with weight loss too, as I think most postpartum mommies do.  She said that she focuses so much on healthy food for her kiddo, but doesn't do the same for herself.  I am so insanely guilty of this too.  So this week's focus will be to eat healthy.healthy.HEALTHY!!

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