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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brother antics.

Oh toddlers.  Why are they completely insane?

This morning started like any other.  All boys up and fed by 8:00, then the morning nap routine for the little ones started at 9:00.  They were both sleeping peacefully in their beds by 9:30.  Then I launched into productivity mode since Beckett's naps are usually short - throw in a load of laundry, make oatmeal, pump.

At 10:00, I decided to run to the bathroom and then get dressed.  Brennan was playing on the floor in the family room so I rushed off to my bedroom.  Two minutes later I had just pulled on my pants when I heard a baby stir on the monitor.  I didn't think much of it and continued to put on some socks.

That's when I heard it.  The train whistle.  Not from the family room -- from the nursery.  Oh.Balls.  I didn't have a shirt on yet, so I grabbed my robe and flew to the other side of the house.  Luckily, Brennan found the camera earlier this morning and after taking it from him I had shoved it into the pocket of my robe.

I expected just to find him playing on the floor in the nursery, but instead, I found this:

(Notice the wooden train whistle too. )

(Not happy about getting lectured...)

No, I don't generally allow my not-quite-6-month-old to sleep with one stuffed animal, let alone five.  I think they frown on that.  Big brother apparently decided that Kiernan needed some company in his crib.  And then to hear the choo-choo whistle, probably being blown in his face.  Good Lord.  I resisted the urge to yell and instead opened the blinds to get better light for pictures.  Don't worry, he got a nice talking-to after the photo-fest. 

Poor sweet Kiernan was a trooper and didn't mind being woken up after just 25 mins of sleep by a rainstorm of stuffed animals and a big brother.  He didn't like the choo-choo whistle very much.  

And of course all the chaos woke up this guy too.  He wasn't happy til Mommy sat him up in the corner of his crib so he could see the action (while Mommy snapped pictures of course). 

I have a feeling that since I have 3 boys so close in age, things like this will be quite the norm in our lives...

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