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Thursday, February 9, 2012


January was an interesting month.  It felt more like an early summer month for me.  Hot days, cool nights, lots of sunshine.  I tend to forget that everyone back in the midwest is freezing their bums off in the cold, even though it's been a mild winter there too.  My heart hurts a little when I see Brennan get excited and yell "Mom-mom, SNOW!!" when he sees a snowy scene on TV or in a book.  It's sad to think that he won't grow up playing in the white stuff.  But I remind myself that he'll get plenty of experience building snowmen and making snow angels when we travel back to Michigan.  And we won't have to deal with the mess of living with it!  Someday I'll get used to the weather down here.

This month was one of the firsts months that felt like a glimpse of "normal" life.  We didn't have any major plans, just started to settle into a routine as a family.  The twins have physical and speech therapy appointments, which are going well.  I take them to a Mom's Club, breastfeeding support group, on some Fridays while Brennan goes to friends' houses to play.  We've started walking the mile and a half to a little yogurt bar by our house on Sunday evenings for a little treat.  I must say, Brian and I make a pretty good team.  We are learning to function like a well-oiled machine.  

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary on the 27th.  Brian took the afternoon off and we were lucky enough to have some friends of ours come over in the evening to watch the boys.  We went to dinner at a little restaurant in downtown Melbourne that we went to last year for our anniversary.  It was nice to be able to spend a little time together without little people around us.  It's hard to believe all we've accomplished in the last 5 years - a house, 3 dogs, 3 kids, a move, a new career, and a masters degree (and a half).  There are probably a few things I'm forgetting too.  It's definitely been a wild ride, but a great one.  

Our Wedding Day with our sweet baby Cooper

Brennan is growing like a weed.  He is so much fun one minute and a complete terror the next. I'd expect nothing less from a 2 year old.  He's very patient though, and puts up with lack of attention very well.  His vocabulary grows by the minute and not a day goes by that he doesn't have me wondering "when did you learn that?"  He asks for his Daddy all day long.  All I hear during the day is "Daddy home?", "Call Daddy.", and "Daddy go?"  The second Brian walks in the door Brennan is ready to run and wrestle and play.  But at night time he wants his Mom-mom (yes, he calls me mom-mom.  it's ADORABLE.)  He has developed quite the bedtime routine and after he insists on being "tucked tight" and having a litter of stuffed animals piled on top of him, he wants "Mommy song".  It's the words to a goodnight book sung to a tune I made up and have been singing to him since he was little.  For some odd reason he loves it, even though my singing skills leave a lot to be desired.

February will be more of the same routine.  Aunt Jen and Uncle Brian will come to visit for a day and we have lots of appointments on the schedule.  Brian has decided to give up meat for Lent and I'm giving up pop.  The meat will make dinners interesting, but shake things up a bit. I'm planning a 75% meat free dinner menu.  The other nights he'll have to fend for himself ;)  And giving up Diet Coke will make for a cranky mommy, but it's terrible for me anyway, so I need to get rid of it.  I'll let you know how it goes!

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