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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Night time wishes.

I should be sleeping.

But I can't stop staring at one of the three most beautiful faces in the world.

Brennan and I have been bed-mates since the beginning of our Michigan vacation.   Although I'm a bit sick of getting kicked in the face several times a night, I've thoroughly enjoyed staring at his sweet face as I drift off to sleep at night.  As I'm sure most mothers do, I often stare in amazement at the perfection I was able to create (with maybe a teeny bit of help from God.  Oh, and Brian). 

I stare at that sweet peaceful face, complete with eyelashes for days and newly acquired scar over his eyebrow and wonder what God has in store for him. 

I wonder what kind of boy he'll grow into - will he like sports or be more studious, class clown or class president, or maybe just blend in with the crowd.

I wonder what kind of man he'll grow into - will he be outgoing like his Daddy or more introspective like his Mama?

I wonder where life will take him - if he'll stray far from us or stay close to home, wherever that may be.

I wonder who he'll choose as a partner in this crazy moment in time we call life. 

I wonder if he'll ever know the intensity of the love I have for him, and I'm certain he won't until he brings his own children into the world.

More than anything, I just hope for happiness for him.  If I could give him the world I would, but ultimately what's important is guidance, wisdom, and my unending love.  And I hope and pray that it's enough for not only my oldest baby, but for all three of them.

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