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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Woo Hoo!! {Twin Weight Tuesday}.

I was nervous to step on the scale this morning.  

I've been watching what I eat, recording every tiny morsel of food that goes into my mouth.  I've been diligently getting on the treadmill, training for my 5K.  And if the numbers on the scale didn't move, I knew I'd be SUPER frustrated and it'd be tough to get myself back on track.  

But guess what.  They moved!  
I lost 4 pounds!  Hell freaking yeah.  

I've almost completed week 3 of Couch to 5K training and it's going well.  It's getting easier and harder at the same time, which seems a bit weird.  The workouts are getting tougher, but I think my body is adjusting well to running, so it's starting to feel strangely good to get in a tough workout.  This is the good stuff, people.  This is the way I remember feeling when I used to run years ago.  

Of course, not every workout is good.  I attempted my last day of week 3 last night and just stopped halfway through and walked the rest.  My legs ached, my lungs hurt, and I just felt weak.  I'm blaming a crappy diet yesterday.

On the diet front, My Fitness Pal is going swimmingly.  I literally record every morsel of everything that goes into my mouth.  And recording small things is a big giant pain in the arse, so this is a nice deterrent from snacking on things as I prepare food for the boys.  

Trying to stay on track on the diet front will prove to be a bit challenging when we head to Michigan, but I'm determined to stay on course.  On the other hand, running will be easier as I'll have a wealth of babysitters around so that I can go for a run whenever I want.  Hopefully these will offset each other a bit!  

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