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Sunday, July 1, 2012

June 2012.

June was as relaxing as we had hoped, but it has flown by at light speed! 

The beginning of the month definitely wasn't relaxing.  We flew to Michigan for what can only be described as a whirlwind trip for our friends Larry and Caitlyn's wedding.  When we got to Monroe on Thursday, we left the boys with my parents and headed to Ann Arbor.  Brian had bachelor party festivities to attend to and I spent time with the bride.  After a late night out, we got up early Friday morning to head to Brian's parents' house.  We spent the day with them, Grandma Gase, and Cory before heading out for the wedding rehearsal and dinner that evening while Grandma and Grandpa were on baby duty.  Saturday morning, Brian left his parents' house early for a pre-wedding golf outing while I packed up the boys and headed back to my parents' house.  I left the boys and headed up to the hotel.  After helping the groomsmen with their pocket squares and boutonnieres, I dashed off to get myself ready.  The wedding was beautiful and we had a ton of fun with our friends at the wedding.  We got to sleep in a bit the next morning, stopped in at a brunch in honor of the newlyweds, and headed back to Monroe.  Brian's parents stopped by to drop off some laundry he left at their house and after they left we rushed through a birthday celebration for my sister and I.  Then we headed back to the airport and off to Florida.  We both agreed that it was odd to have barely spent any time with our parents, but at least they got to spend plenty of time with the boys.

The wedding (crappy cell phone pic)

Photo booth fun!  We got married in the era of table cameras ::sigh::

After such an exhausting weekend, we both felt like we needed a vacation from our vacation.  But of course that's not the way the world works and Brian returned to working 15+ hour days while I kept the kids alive and tried to get life back in order. 

Bath time chaos ... edited bath time chaos.

The following weekend we enjoyed a nice visit from our friends Stephanie and Joe and their kids  John, Alex, and Grace.  Steph and I used to work together in L&D and haven't seen each other since we moved to Florida, so it was great to catch up!  We enjoyed a picnic at a nearby park, then the kids played on the playground and waded in the water.  Then we headed back to our house so the twins could nap.  The kids and the dads played outside while Steph and I hung out and got dinner ready.  It was a nice, relaxing day and refreshing to spend time with good friends. 

The next weekend was Father's Day weekend and it was incredibly laid back for us.  Brennan and I ran errands on Saturday, including getting some last minute Father's Day gifts.  I had a kidney infection and kidney stones that week, so my plans to get out during the week with the boys didn't happen.  So we picked up some crafts to make for him and a few new shirts and some new (much needed) swim trunks.  Sunday morning I got up with the boys and Brian slept in.  Brennan and I made breakfast and he woke Daddy up by wishing him a Happy Father's Day in his sweet little voice.  I told Brian that he could choose to do anything he wanted on Sunday and his choice was to clean the garage together.  Sounds like a crappy Father's Day, but it was actually really nice to spend the day together outside.  For dinner we grilled steaks and enjoyed a nice family dinner.  All in all, a great weekend to celebrate what a great Daddy Brian is!

My 29th birthday was on Friday, the 22nd.  Brian got up with the boys and let me sleep in.  I headed off to a therapy appointment, then came home to spend a normal day with my boys.  That evening, we went to the Melting Pot for dinner while some friends of ours watched the boys.  It was pretty much my own personal version of heaven because, let's be honest, everything tastes better when immersed in cheese.  Brian got me the fourth season of True Blood on DVD and a gift certificate for a massage.  He and Brennan were supposed to bake me a cake that weekend, but that never happened.  Oh well, cake is kind of a diet-killer anyways.  Brian took Brennan bowling on Saturday and they had a blast together.  Brennan woke up that night wimpering and talking about it in his sleep.  So sweet.  The rest of the weekend was spent being slightly productive and getting caught up on sleep.  Oh, and watching way too many episodes of True Blood together after the boys went to bed. 

The last week was back to the grind.  Brian has been working long hours and I've been keeping the household afloat.  I've been back to training for my 5K in August and half marathon in November.  The boys are growing like weeds and are getting more fun every day.  We're gearing up for our big trip to Michigan in July and will spend the next week with lots of planning and preparation.  I have no doubt that July will fly by just as quickly as June did!

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