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Friday, June 29, 2012

Favorite Posts Friday {6.29.12}.

Favorite Post Friday is turning into an every-other-week kind of a thing.  I must be busy or something, right? Oh well, when it's your own little part of the internet, you can do what you want.  Whatever, whatever, I do what I want!  (South Park anyone?  Anyone?  No one?  Alrighty then...)  

OK, back to being an adult.  My very favorite post this week was from Laura of Project Hope, who was a guest blogger for Diana over at Hormonal Imbalances.  But I already wrote an entire entry on the subject, so if you haven't checked it out yet, please do so here.  It's such a worthy cause and one that's very very near and dear to my heart.

As for the rest of my faves, here they are.  There's a little bit of seriousness, a little bit of sweetness, and a little bit of hilarity this week.  Hope you enjoy them all as much as I did!

Postpartum Progress6 Surprising Symptoms of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety -- If I could give Katherine a great big hug around the neck for writing this post, I would.  All too often, I hear the words, "Well, you don't seem depressed" about myself or someone else.  I think pharmaceutical companies are partly to blame as we can all recall seeing "depressed" people moping around in dark rooms, on the verge of tears, looking pale and sickly in commercials for anti-depressants.  And while this can be an accurate portrayal of depression, it certainly isn't the end-all, be-all of what depression "looks like", especially postpartum depression.  And of course, there are varying degrees of depression too.  For someone like me, a little bit of medication and therapy are doing the trick, but some women require hospitalization and several anti-psychotics and anti-depressants.  The bottom line is that I'm so thankful to Katherine for pointing out some of the more common, yet surprising symptoms of postpartum depression.  It makes those of us working through it feel a little more "normal" and at the same time can spread awareness to those that we love.

The Hippie HousewifeI Am Your Safe Place -- This post melted me into a blubbering, sobbing puddle of Mommy.  If you have kids, or heck even if you don't, this is a must read.

The Heir to Blair - When the floodgates open -- Beth Anne writes some beautiful words about her son Harrison's struggle with his speech, her struggles watching his battle, and her pride at his accomplishments.  I can relate to so much of it as I've watched Beckett's struggles with movement and his recent successes, feeling the same emotions as BA describes.

Brittany HerselfA Totally Hypothetical In No Way Real STOP STARING AT ME Cautionary Tale - I both peed my pants laughing and took mental notes while reading this one.  Because let's be honest, with 3 little dinkles in this house, something like this is bound to happen around here at some point.

** No one asked me to feature their blog.  I'm just passing along my favorites with hopes that you might find something you like too.  And if you find a blog you like, I hope that you'll do like I did and follow their blog, whether by RSS, Friend Connect, or email.  And do the same for mine if you like!

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