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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Naptime snuggles.

We have been changing our naptime routines around here a bit.  Now that both Beckett and Kiernan are crawling, they have been joining us for Brennan's pre-nap story time instead of playing in the family room.  When I make the nap time announcement, Brennan grabs his blankies and says "Come on brothers!" and they crawl down the hallway after him.  The twins are a bit rowdy during story time, but Brennan doesn't seem to mind and in fact frequently asks me to put his brothers in his bed with him for a few minutes - a few minutes that closely resemble a cage match with Mommy constantly on guard to catch small bodies that get flung off the side of the bed.  I'm learning very quickly that being a boy mom is a very physical job.

After we read books and he gets "tucked tight", he likes to "watch" one brother while I take the other one to the family room and dash back to Brennan's room to grab the other before the one I deposited in the family room gets back into Brennan's room.  It's nice to read stories to all 3 of my boys, even though I'm frequently trying to keep Kiernan from climbing on Brennan while trying to keep Beckett from eating the books.

After Brennan is in bed, the twins and I head to their room.  They both snuggle onto my lap and we rock and while they drink their bottles in the darkened room.  It's peaceful and relaxing.  Beckett settles into the crook of my left arm, his legs reaching over to my right leg.  Kiernan wiggles from the crook of my right arm to my chest until he finds a comfortable position, his legs draping off of my right leg as he half-snuggles up next to his brother, half on top of him.  Beckett tucks his lovey under his left arm and holds it close as to protect it from Kiernan's grabby hands.  Kiernan throws his lovey all over the place, sometimes throwing it onto his brother's face.  When this happens, Beckett calmly takes it off of his face and hands it back to his brother.  It's so telling of their personalities.  They exchange kicks and slaps and grabs, but every once in awhile will stop and hold hands for a minute.

I love this time with them -- just the three of us, Beckett on my left, Kiernan on my right, just like they were for 38 whole weeks.   It's such a peaceful part of our chaotic days.  And I know that these sweet moments are fleeting, so I'm savoring them while I can.

Beckett & Kiernan - 9 months old

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