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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Week two, almost done {Twin Weight Tuesday}.

So, I'm not quite done with week two of the C25K training.

I did a day, which felt pretty good.  Then I tried to do another day and my foot was killing me, so I stopped, iced it, and decided to try again the next day.  Well, that day was consumed with packing for the trip.  As was the next day.  And then the next day was consumed with travelling ... the next two with wedding festivities ... the next with travelling.

The inside of my left leg, right above my ankle bone, is really painful lately.  It feels bruised and is sore to walk on, but there isn't any obvious bruising or bumps.  Brian is prescribing ice and rest and ice and more ice.  So I'm going to ice it for a few more days and get started again.

It's very frustrating.  I'm trying to do something healthy for myself and it seems that my body is fighting me.  My ankles and knees hurt, but that's something I can work through.  And honestly?  They're going to hurt.  They're carrying a whole lot of weight right now.

But there's a difference between pain I can work through and pain that I can't.  It's hard to describe.  It's not the severity of the pain, but more the type and whether it eventually subsides during the workout or gets worse.  Usually the joint pain subsides eventually, but this leg pain isn't subsiding.  The last thing I want to do is end up with a stress fracture or something of the sort that will throw off my training, so I'm going to take it easy, do what Dr. Brian recommends, and listen to my body.

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