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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The intricacies of learning how to be a twin mom.

People very frequently tell me that I'm lucky to have had twins.  While I whole-heartedly agree, I often jokingly tell people that if they're going to do it, do it before having any other kids.  Because in my opinion, ignorance is bliss. 

One of the ways my Mom tried to keep me calm during my pregnancy when I would get overwhelmed by the thought of the chaos that was going to consume my life was to tell me that at least I was a seasoned Mom.  I had the luxury of already knowing how to take care of a baby, so I didn't have to learn while taking care of 2 babies. 

But in my mind, that was a disadvantage because it was terrifying.  I knew the huge amount of work that came along with taking care of a baby - and I had 2.  Plus a toddler.  And that's a big PLUS. 

Either way you look at it, it's a learning curve.  And I had to re-learn a lot of tasks and how to do them more efficiently for 2 babies - from carrying to feeding to getting out of the house.  Of course as the boys get older I've had to adjust my methods and create new ones for many things.

Now that Beckett and Kiernan are both mobile, things are getting even more interesting.  They're either going in opposite directions when I need them together or tackling each other when I need them to be seperate. 

Changing diapers is becoming increasingly difficult.  We've never really used the changing table with these boys as the nursery was a guest room for the first month of their lives, so we set up our changing station in the family room and just kept it there.  The boys have never really cared to pay attention to each other while one is getting his diaper changed ... until lately. 

Now they see it as the ultimate opportunity for wrestling.  I mean, it's smart, right?  Brother is being forced by Mom to lay on his back.  So it's clearly the perfect opportunity to poke eyeballs, pull hair, or even grab a handfull of exposed boy parts.  I'm constantly shoo-ing one away while changing the other's diaper and, as you can imagine, it's even worse when it's a dirty diaper.  There's something about their twin brother's poop that's magnetic to these boys.  I have twisted my body into postions that would impress some yoga instructors in order to keep the intruding twin from grabbing a handfull of his brother's excrement while keeping the poopy twin on his back (or belly if it's an up-the-back-explosion) in order to avoid getting more poop on the carpet/myself/toys/dogs/Brennan.  It's talent I'm telling you. 


All in a day's work.

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