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Monday, June 25, 2012

Who has advice for road-tripping with kiddos?

Brennan's first road trip - February 2010

In exactly 11 days, the Gase family will pack up and hit the road for the 1000 mile journey to Michigan.  

Holy bananas.  

By now we are fairly seasoned airline travelers with our family of 5, but we really only have about a year left until we will be forced to buy 5 plane tickets instead of 3.  Not to mention the fact that we'll be in Michigan for 2 weeks and it would be inconvenient to have to borrow my poor Mom's vehicle the whole time.  So we decided that we wanted to try our hand at road-tripping with the boys.  

Brian and I really enjoy road trips, but we've done the majority of our trips in our pre-kid days.  We've done 2 trips with Brennan - one from MI to FL when Brennan was 4 months old and an 8 hour trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula when Brennan was 10 months old.  He did amazingly well on both trips, and Beckett and Kiernan are both good car babies like Brennan was, so we're hoping for the best.  

But hoping won't get us very far.  We need to have a good plan, but we need to be flexible too.  We're planning on lots of stops for potty breaks and eating and stretching.  Our SUV has a built-in DVD player for Brennan to watch movies, and we can adjust the babies' mirrors so they can see the screen too.  We'll have plenty of treats and snacks and new toys for Brennan.  We're even going to plan a scheduled stop somewhere along the way (which is yet to be determined) where we can get out and spend a few hours doing something touristy.  Hopefully this will be a good way to take a break from the car and tire the boys out a bit.  

I'm interested to hear some more good advice for hitting the road with kiddos?  Any favorite tricks for surviving the trip?  

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