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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Spit happens.

I walked into the family room to see Brennan chewing on something.  He still sticks things in his mouth to chew on occasionally, usually paper of some sort.  When I asked him what he was chewing on, he just stared at me.

"Brennan, I said what are you chewing on?  What's in your mouth?"

"Nothing Mom."

"What do you mean, 'nothing'.  I can see you chewing on something.  Come here and spit it out."

I hold out my hand as he hesitantly wanders over to me.  I hold out my hand and tell him once again to spit it out.  A little line of drool drips from his mouth to my hand.

"Brennan.  That's gross.  Don't spit in my hand.  Spit out whatever you were chewing on."

More drool.  And then more drool.

"Seriously Brennan?  Stop it.  We only spit in the sink, not in our hands.  Open your mouth."

He opens wide and I peer inside.  Nothing.

"OK, what happened to whatever you were chewing on?  Did you swallow it?"

"No, I not swallow it."

"Then what happened to it?"

"It's still in there!"

"Well then spit it in my hand!!"

More drool.

::clenches jaw and tries to stay calm::

"Brennan, why aren't you spitting it out?"

"Because I can't spit it out!"

"Well what is it?  What are you chewing on??  Tell me so I can help you get it out!!"

"No Mommy, I don't want you to take my tongue out!"

::sigh::  "Brennan, we do not chew on our tongues."  

Ah, motherhood.  Isn't it grand?


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