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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mommy's Hero.

So we can add heroes to Brennan's list of obsessions.  Not talking about Superman or Batman.  Nope.  I'm talking real life heroes - policemen and firemen.  

Brennan gets so excited when he hears sirens.  It's super cute.  

He chose to be a policeman for Halloween and I must say he was cute the cute little cop.

And then Daddy brought home a fireman's hat from the sub shop and he wore it constantly.  Until of course his brothers destroyed it.  Cuz that's how they roll.

The other night before bed we were cleaning up his room.  And by we I mean I was cleaning his room and he was playing with his Lightening McQueen.  I was about to remind him to keep picking up his toys when I stopped to hear what he was saying.  "Oh, you're Lightening Queen?  I'm a hero.  Mommy's hero.  My PJs told me.  Heroes are firemans and policemans and amblanances.  You need to be saved?  I'll save you Queen!"  

And then I died.  These are his favorite PJs and as I help him pull them on he proudly proclaims, "I'm Mommy's Hero!"  

Yes, baby you are.  Always and forever.


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