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Friday, November 16, 2012

MonkeyFace Racing {Brennan's Race Car Birthday Party}.

So we had another birthday party at our house a few weeks ago ... or a month ago.  Whatever.  I'm a little behind.  Oh, and as always, forgive the terrible photography.  My house is full of light and I have a crappy camera and I have no idea how to make the 2 be friendly.  

Brennan turned 3 years old and decided on a "racing car" theme for his party, so I ran with it!  

As usual, I designed the invitation myself.  I created a "MonkeyFace Racing" logo (Brennan's nickname is MonkeyFace ... I have no idea why) and made my own little spin on a pit pass.  Lots of fun and Brennan thought it was the coolest.  

We hung up some "Welcome Race Fans" and "Gase Raceway" signs outside.  Brian stopped at the auto parts store and grabbed a few empty boxes that they were willing to part with, and we sat them outside next to Brennan's PowerWheels car, along with an empty gas can, some hose, and a few other car-ish things.  Cute little way to set the mood for the party.

 Just inside the door was "The Pit".  We used the same table, stands, and astroturf that we used for the twins' party, just threw a green table cloth on instead and made a little race track around the cake.


Chocolate dipped pretzel rod "Dip Sticks" (got the idea here),  Oreo truffle pop "Helmets (got the idea here), and chocolate covered mini donut "Spare Tires" were among the desserts.  Trail mix "Nuts" and Tootsie Roll "Bolts" were nice little last minute snack additions.  All crazy easy to make (or buy) and big crowd pleasers.  


Brennan's Aunt Shell made him a race car trophy and our friend Larry drew a beautiful race car with Brennan's photo inside it.  We had a few posters of cars sprinkled around the house that our dear friend Roman designed just for Brennan.  He was beyond excited about them.  It pays to have auto-design genius friends when your kiddo is obsessed with cars!


I made Brennan's race car cake based on an idea I saw here.  I'm glad I did a trial run a few weeks back, because while it was easy, this one looked waaaay better than the first one.  I grabbed a few new Hot Wheels 5 packs to use on the cake and around the table so that I wouldn't have to use any that were already "well loved" by the boys.

An "autograph" station was set up so that guests could share thoughts and wishes with Brennan on his birthday.  I do this for each of my kids when they have a birthday party and save them up for the boys to read when they're older.


I made some checkered flag banners to fit with the racing theme.  You can kind of see the MonkeyFace Racing decal on the back door too.  Kinda.  

Onto the Concession Stand!  Concession stand food = easy.  Pizza, nachos, soft pretzels, popcorn, and a few "stoplight" fruits and veggies to round out the health factor.  And who can function without tools?

The "Fueling Station" was lots of fun.  We had "Gasoline" lemonade, "Coolant" orange Gatorade, and "Motor Oil" sweet tea.  Black and white paper straws dressed up the solo cups a bit.  But really just a very little bit. 

The birthday boy had a blast.  He could barely contain his excitement the whole day.  And so it should be for a 3 year old! 


Our friend Max makes shirts using bleach pens.  He drew a monkey on Brennan's, a pig on Beckett's, a honey badger on Kiernan's, a bear on Brian's, and a tiger on mine.  I wish I would've gotten a picture of the back of the shirts.  They're very cool.  On the front we all had the "MonkeyFace Racing" logo.  Brennan thought it was so cool.  

All in all, it was a great day.  This party was tons of fun to put together and really pretty easy.  Why do I have a feeling that it's not the last race car party I'll have to plan?

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  1. TOTALLY impressed with your cake making! At one time I would have said I could decorate cakes too, until I saw your cake, lol. Sooo awesome! Love all the other decor too! Great job!


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