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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

October 2012.

Hey, remember that month called October?  And remember when almost another month went by before I got around to posting a recap of this October?  I mean, I wasn't busy trying to fend off the plague or anything, so why wouldn't I be writing more?

Like I already posted, Brennan and I spent the beginning of the month in Michigan.  We were only without him in the house for about 2 days, but those were WEIRD.  I missed him, but I also realized how easy life is with 2 kids.  Now, I've always said that the twins aren't the difficult part of our situation - that it's having the toddler/preschooler on top of the twins that's challenging.  But never in a million years did I think that removing a (almost) 3 year old from the equation would make it that much easier.  I mean, I accomplished so much!  It was definitely weird to be without him though.  I didn't like walking past his empty room for those 2 nights.  It just felt wrong.  We had a blast, but it was great to see Brian and the boys when we got home.  And Brian enthusiastically agreed with my opinion that 2 boys are easier than 3 and that it was an insanely easy weekend compared to normal life.


We attempted to settle back into our routine, except that Brennan brought back a cold from Michigan and of course ever-so-generously shared it with his brothers.  The only thing more chaotic than life with 1 year old twins and a 3 year old is when someone is sick.  Then multiply that by 100 when 2 are sick.  And by 1000 when 3 are sick.  I had the craziest day I've had in awhile with the boys on the 10th.  Suffice it to say that I'm glad that we don't have days like that very often because I'd end up in the looney bin fersure.



Of course Saturdays are filled with college football, which actually affords us some time to get things done around the house ... as long as Brian can be in a 30 foot radius of the TV.  College football means fall and fall means cool(er) weather here in FL.  Cooler meaning not so hot that I get fat-girl-backsweat, but still warm enough to wear shorts.  We've been trying hard to take advantage of the cooler weather by taking lots of walks and trips to the park.  The park is so much fun these days because Beckett and Kiernan can walk around and explore and Brennan is old enough to realize that walking off a 6 foot tall opening on the playscape will most likely cause pain.  I get a little anxious trying to keep an eye on all 3 of them, even though Brian is there, so I haven't attempted any independent trips yet.  I think I'm going to need to work up to that. Maybe in 5 years.

Brennan's 3rd birthday was of course the 16th.  I made him birthday pancakes and we spent the day playing and doing pretty much whatever he wanted.  Luckily 3 year olds are fairly easy to please - lots of playing cars and playing outside and playing cars again.  After dinner we stuck a candle in a Publix Halloween cupcake (I didn't feel guilty at all - he already had a birthday cake in MI and was going to have another for his party) and sang Happy Birthday to him.  He sang right along, loud and proud.  Then came a few presents which of course were a hit.  I really think this kid just expects presents all year long now ...


Uncle Cory came to visit the following weekend.  On Friday night we went to dinner and then headed to the park to tire the boys out.  I think Cory liked chasing the boys around the playground and I'm sure Brian would agree that having an extra adult around is nice - man-to-man coverage is so much easier than our normal zone defense.  We spent Saturday rearranging furniture and getting ready for Brennan's party on Sunday.  It was nice to have Cory (our tech genius friend) around to help Brian move the TV and furniture.  And the boys had fun setting up the train table that Uncle Cory bought Brennan for his birthday.  All 5 boys were in boy heaven!

Brennan's MonkeyFace Racing party went spectacularly and Cory was a blessing to have around to help.  On Monday we headed to the zoo to soak up a little more Uncle Cory time.  Lots of animals were feeling quite friendly that day, which is always nice.  We even took all of the boys on the train.  Brennan was excited to show Daddy and Uncle Cory how to properly ride the train.  What can I say?  Kid loves trains.  After the zoo we said goodbye to Uncle Cory and Daddy headed to work.

The rest of that week was pretty low key, as our weeks usually are.  There were all kinds of the normal shenanigans - climbing on tables, running around naked, more climbing on tables.  And I kept on training for my half marathon amidst the chaos.  


As we crept closer to Halloween, it was clear that a trip to the pumpkin patch was in order.  So on Sunday we headed out to the best pumpkin patch in town.  Now, what you have to realize is that here in FL, pumpkin patches are really nothing more than pumpkins on a bunch of wooden pallets in a church parking lot, with a few straw bales scattered around for photo ops.  Sad.  So when I heard about this one that was the BEST around and even had a hayride, I was excited.  Um, it was just a bunch of pumpkins on a bunch of wooden pallets in an old dirt church parking lot.  ::womp womp::  Apparently the dirt made it more authentic?  The hay ride was mediocre, but it salvaged the trip for Brennan, who was very confused and wondered where the animals and the farmer and the barn were.  And then, we looked at prices.  Holy bananas.  I might as well have handed them Brennan and my left kidney for what they wanted for a very average sized pumpkin.  So we snapped some pictures, high-tailed it outta there, and went to Publix where we bought 3 very nice sized pumpkins for $6 each.  I guess at least we're figuring out how to do things around here!


On the day before Halloween, I lost my marbles and decided to head to Target with the boys.  I needed a few things ... mostly to get out of the house ... so we packed up for a spur-of-the-moment-only-took-60-minutes-to-get-out-the-door trip.  It was good fun though and we even kidnapped Daddy from work for a classy Wendy's lunch date.   

Later that evening we attempted to carve pumpkins with the boys.  Brennan thought the outside of the pumpkin was amazing, but the inside was deemed "too wet".  Kiernan thought both the inside and the outside were unbelievably awesome and spent a good hour with a pumpkin seed stuck to his forehead.  Beckett completely abhorred the entire process.  When it was clear that everyone was done, we threw them all in the tub and then off to bed and we did the actual carving.   

Trick'or'Treating was lots of fun with all 3 boys.  Brennan was a policeman, Kiernan a monkey, and Beckett a lion - all 3 borrowed costumes from my friend Lisa.  Gotta love friends with kids older than yours!  We went to her neighborhood for candy collecting and I pulled the brothers in the wagon while Brennan ran from house to house with her boys.  It was lots of fun, although the little ones were a bit unsure at first.  Of course Kiernan's monkey hat only lasted 10 minutes and Beckett left his on the entire night.  Those 2.  So predictable.

 Whew.  That was a lot of words.  And a lot of pictures.  And I finished just in time to start the November post!  It's a good thing I actually enjoy doing this...

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