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Thursday, November 29, 2012

No one picks on my brother ... but me.

Before the plague hit, we walked to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather and let the boys burn some energy.  The usually go in 3 different directions when we're there.  Mr. Beckett likes the swings.  Kiernan likes to climb everything.  Brennan just likes to go.  Every once in awhile they'll meet each other in passing and "play" for a minute or 2 and then move on.  Brennan is usually too busy playing with other kids to be bothered by his little brothers.

This time something happened that made my heart melt.  Kiernan was playing with some little toddler activity (those spinny things with the animal bodies on them) when a little boy who was probably 5 or 6 years old walked up to him and said "Hey you!  No!  Don't play with those!  I'm playing with them!"  Brennan had been playing with this kid a bit earlier (trying to explain to the kid that there was hot lava in the volcano cave drawing they were looking at - the kid insisted there wasn't). When he heard what the kid said to Kiernan, Brennan said "Hey kid, that's my brother!  Don't say no to him!"  He wasn't mean, he was just matter of fact.  The kid ran off (and later hit Brennan with a stick ... totally the product of crappy parenting) and Brennan ran off in the opposite direction.  Kiernan continued playing and I gushed to Brian and all of Facebook what had just happened.

This is what I love.  Unsolicited, unforced sibling love.  I want my boys to know not only that they always have their parents, but that they always have each other too.  Sure when we're at home Brennan will sit on top of Kiernan til he surrenders whatever toy he wants, but I think he made it clear that no one gets to pick on his little brother ... except him.

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