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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Well, today was a first.  All 5 members of our family are currently on antibiotics for the same sinus infection-ish thing that is causing bronchitis and ear infections.  At least we're all in it together?

Yesterday I heard Brennan wheezing and decided that I'd had enough of all of this sickness flying around our house and called the pediatrician to make 3 appointments for today.  The Mommy & Daddy doctor?  Not available until Thursday.  Dude.  So not cool.

We arrived late to our appointment because Kiernan projectile-puked all over himself and all over me after having a coughing fit right before we walked out the door.  Thankfully Brian was able to meet me there.  Wrangling 3 sick kids in the doctor's office while trying to speak to the pediatrician and not sound like a complete crazy person is not my idea of a good time.  After checking lungs, ears, noses, and any other essential body parts, the pediatrician wrote 3 antibiotic prescriptions and deemed nebulizer treatments necessary for Brennan.  He got one before we left the doctor's office and the poor kid took it like a champ.

The munchkins declared that the next stop needed to be for lunch, so after spreading our germs all over Chick-fil-A, we dropped their prescriptions off at the pharmacy and headed south past our house to get the nebulizer.  That took a good 30 minutes at the home medical supply store while Daddy tried to keep the boys happy in the car.

Waiting until Thursday to get our hands on some antibiotics for ourselves didn't sound like a good idea to either Brian or me.  He was too busy blowing green chunks out of his nose every 3 minutes to be productive at work and my ear pain was making me stabby.  So we decided that tag-teaming the crew at the urgent care place was the way to go.  I got called back after a quick 5 minute wait and 5 minutes after that was on my way out the door with my antibiotic scrip and an encouragement to keep using my inhaler to combat the wheezes.  Then I loaded up the boys and headed back to the pharmacy while Brian took his turn with the doc.

It was a long day, only made longer by the fact that Daddy headed back to work after the doctor, so I was left by myself to feed, bathe, and throw the sick ones in bed before collapsing myself.  Thankfully, all of this mess can be cleared up with the 3 bottles of pink liquid in the fridge and the 2 bottles of pills on the counter.  For that, I count my blessings because I'm all too aware that it could be much worse.

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  1. The pic of your little guy makes me wanna cry! i hope y'all get better so soon! *hugs*


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