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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Daddy's Birthday {clinging to the 20s}.

My smart, handsome, amazing, wonderful husband turns 29 today.  He thinks he's old and fat and gray.  No matter how hard I look I can't see any of the things he sees.  I still find him to be insanely hot and incredibly smart and extremely kind and amazingly impressive.  

June 2005 - Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

He's adventurous.  I never would have traveled as much as we have if it wasn't for him.  We've been on some very cool vacations together.  Oh, and see those bracelets on his wrist?  He wore them all the time for as long as I'd known him.  Then, on our wedding day he gave them to me in exchange for his wedding ring, something else that he said he'd never take off.  How sweet is that?

December 2005

He has both his Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Master of Science in Engineering Degrees from the University of Michigan.  To this day I swear that Brian is the smartest person I know.

Brian & Cooper - October 2005

Brian loves animals, especially his dogs and even more especially his Cooper-zilla.  While I sometimes tease him that he loves Cooper more than he loves me, I really admire him for being so committed to being a great pet-parent.

Columbus Marathon - October 2008

He's an incredible runner.  Brian would tell you he's slow and out of shape, but he's faster and in better shape than most people I know.  I'll never forget when I watched him run the Columbus marathon - his first marathon ever - and saw him run by me early in the race ... in fifth place.  Fifth!  Sure he said he went out too fast and it killed him in the second half, but how many people do you know who can run several 5:30 minute miles in a row??  

I find him to be very dreamy.  Good thing I married him, huh?

After the Columbus Marathon - October 2008

Again with the dreamy.  And with the running.  Amazing.

Daddy & Brennan - October 2009

Brian is an INCREDIBLE Dad.  It's like he was put on this earth to be a Daddy.  So involved, so much fun, not afraid to do or try anything.  I'm telling you, I picked the right person to procreate with.

Florida - March 2011

He's a first-rate hubby.  Brian is loving and supportive and a great provider for us.  In 2010 he got an offer from a very cool startup automotive company down here in FL.  You know the story: It was too cool to pass up, so we packed up the fam and headed south, then found out we were preggo with twins.  And 1000 miles away from our families.  I may or may not have panicked and called my mother and demanded she move to Florida.  But Brian has pulled us through the last 18 months and I'm forever grateful.  

Daddy, Beckett, & Kiernan - March 2012

He makes incredibly cute babies.  I might play a part in the whole thing, but they are definitely devilishly handsome like their Daddy.  I am blown over by their cuteness everyday, just like I'm blown over by his hotness.  OK, I'll stop talking about his stellar good looks now.

Daddy & Brennan - March 2012

Brian is so much fun.  No really.  So.Much.Fun.  He pulls me out of my stick-in-the-mud personality as much as he can and I'm sure it's always an annoying process.  But he puts up with me.  I'm just glad that he has 3 little boys to have fun with now because I have way more fun watching them have fun than I ever would doing those things myself.  

So there you have it.  My ode to my hubby.  Happy 29th baby.  I love you more than you'll ever know.


  1. I think I could've written this post about my hubby...well, except for the whole UM thing...;) We are really blessed to have such wonderful men in our lives, huh?
    On another note, seeing that Brian is 29 made me think about the fact that I'll no longer be a 20-something in another 6 months. Boo.

    1. ah, yes, Joe's fatal flaw ;) Kidding of course. We are TOTALLY blessed to have awesome hubbies!!


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