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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012.

This was the most laid back Easter EVER.  The Easter Bunny brought the boys a few things in their baskets and hid some eggs in the backyard for Brennan to find.  The twins enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air while brother hunted for eggs.  Cooper liked helping Brennan find eggs … a little too much.

Since we hide plastic eggs in the backyard (and were too busy on Saturday to color eggs) we decided to save egg coloring for Easter Sunday.  Coloring eggs is hectic enough with one toddler ... but we only had one egg hurled into the dye.  I consider that success. The years to come should be interesting with 3 little boys!

The rest of the day we spent cleaning the house.  I was in Brennan's room trying to find the floor amidst the stuffed animals, books, race tracks, cars, and balls when I heard Brennan call me from the babies' room -- "Mommy, get down!"  I walked into the room and saw him standing in Kiernan's crib.  We have switched the boys cribs since the last time he climbed into Kiernan's crib, so this was a different bed.  For whatever reason he prefers Kiernan's bed.  I called to Brian to grab the camera and of course snapped some pictures before getting him out.   Then went back to cleaning his room and heard it again -- "Mommy, down please!".  Down again, back to cleaning again, same sound AGAIN -- "Mommy, get down please!".  More scolding and a time out this time.  It still baffles me that this child doesn't climb in or out of his own bed!

The little boys enjoyed their first taste of sweet potatoes for Easter dinner.  They both loved them and it's the first time they've both liked the same food.  Since Brian successfully gave up meat for Lent (except for the accidental bacon incident) and his birthday was last week, I told him I'd make him anything he wanted for Easter dinner.  I fully expected a request of steak or ribs or both.  Instead?  Tacos.  For Easter.  Because nothing says "Happy Easter" like fake Mexican food.  But a promise is a promise so we had a taco night Easter dinner.  He was a happy camper and can't wait for bigger and better meat dishes. 

So there you have it.  Easter 2012.  The boys first Easter and quite possibly the most boring and low key Easter ever.  I felt a little guilty, but none of the boys will ever remember.  We'll do something more fun next year!

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