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Friday, April 20, 2012


My children are SPOILED.  

We are so lucky to have amazing families.  They love us and support us through everything.  And they also spoil our kids rotten.  

It started early.  Soon after we told our families we were pregnant the first time, we had baby clothes and accessories pouring in.  We didn't find out the gender of the baby for that pregnancy, so we amassed quite the collection of ducky-themed outfits.  When we called our families at 7:00 a.m. to tell them we'd had a boy and that they could come meet him at noon, they came bearing gifts.  By the time Brennan was a week old, he had enough clothes to last him a year. 

But the gifts didn't stop then.  In fact, they haven't stopped coming yet.  The clothes and toys keep pouring in.

When we announced our second pregnancy, and then that we were expecting twins, my mom actually went out and started buying girl and boy clothes before we knew the genders.  Of course, once we found out that we were expecting two more boys, she returned the girl clothes and the matching boy outfits started arriving.  

Between my Mom, my sisters, my aunt, and Brian's Mom, we are blessed with a never-ending supply of baby/kid stuff!  When the twins were first born, I realized that I didn't have enough newborn sleepers.  Kiernan was peeing through them constantly and I found myself doing laundry twice a day to keep up with it.  My sister Teresa got wind of this and sent FOURTEEN sleepers with my Dad when he came down to meet the boys.  Every once in awhile, I send out a list of our most-needed items so that my bargain-shopper-extraordinaire Aunt Lynne and shopaholic Mom-in-law can keep an eye out for good deals.  Every holiday, even the little ones like St. Patrick's Day, my Mom sends us a big package with window stickers, presents, clothes, and candy.  Even my poor college student sister Michelle is always sending fun toys and clothes to spoil her nephews.  

For Easter, we received four packages:  one from my Mom, one from my Mom-in-law, one from my Aunt Lynne, and one from my sister Michelle.  All were stuffed full of fun presents for the boys and a even few treats for Mommy and Daddy.  Then my parents and sister Teresa brought the boys even more things with them when they came from Michigan the day after Easter.  And bought even more for them while they were here visiting!

Wow, this sounds like a lot of bragging doesn't it?  It certainly isn't meant to.  My point is that while they spoil all of us rotten, we never take it for granted.  I want to teach my boys that these gifts are precious and they are extremely lucky to have such generous people in their lives.  I want them to always use their manners and not to expect anything from anyone.  Brennan already does a very good job of saying please, thank you, and you're welcome, but I want it to continue.  I hope that our guidance and the example of seeing Brian and I accept gifts with humility and graciousness will be enough.  

In the meantime, we thank God all the time for such an amazing family.  Because beyond the gifts, they're there for us emotionally whenever we need it.  And that's the best gift of all.

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