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Friday, April 27, 2012

Favorite Posts Friday {4.27.12}.

Woohooooooo!  It's date night people!  My dear friend Laura is watching the boys tonight while Daddy and I head out for some dinner and a brew (or 3) on the water.  I can't wait.  It's been a busy week and this mama needs some relaxation.  I hope everyone enjoys their weekend as much as I plan to!  Now without further adieu, my fave posts of the week...

Baby Rabies - This Much I Know -- I've been struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety for awhile now (something that's on my list of things to write about), but I'm happy to report that I'm feeling so much better.  I still have to work hard every day to combat certain feelings and emotions, but luckily I'm really learning how to cope well.  One thing that helps is keeping control and perspective on scheduling and organization, as Jill highlights in her post.  And she's giving away a momAgenda, so definitely check out the giveaway too!

With a Little Love and Luck - Little Talks -- This is such a beautiful post.  Even now that I've brought three beautiful boys into the world, I'm still amazed at how intense a mother's love for her children can be.  Sure there are days when I just need to get away and not be touched and attempt to have a conversation with someone over the age of 3.  But even on those days, I peek at my boys before I go to bed and marvel at their sweetness.  I just love love love them.

A Modern Family - Baby Food {Parties} -- Lorryn has some yummy ideas for making her own baby food.  And better yet, she does a bit of a "meal swap party" with another mommy.  Admittedly, I struggle to find time to make all of the boys food, so we do a 50/50 mix of homemade and store-bought baby food.  But I'm hopefully going to incorporate making some of their meals into my routine of making our monthly freezer meals, so that should increase.

** No one asked me to feature their blog.  I'm just passing along my favorites with hopes that you might find something you like too.  And if you find a blog you like, I hope that you'll do like I did and follow their blog, whether by RSS, Friend Connect, or email.  And do the same for mine if you like!

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  1. Thanks for the feature! My favorite baby food recipe site is it has great food recipes for all ages of family members {including grown ups!}


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