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Friday, April 20, 2012

Hear me roar.

I feel very accomplished today.

It started out as a crappy day.  Crabby kids, too many things to get done, and no motivation to do anything.  I decided that I needed to get out of this house.  But I wanted to do something more than play in the yard or go for a walk.  I wanted the effort to get out to actually be worth it.

I did what any rational mother would do and left it up to my 2.5 year old.  His choice?  The zoo.  So I packed up the boys and off we went.  Nevermind that it was a Friday during the school year and lunch time and I knew the zoo would be packed with hungry, wild school kids.  I was desperate.

I haven't taken the boys on many excursions by myself and once I had already promised Brennan we'd go, it dawned on me that the zoo might not be the best first choice.  But I strapped the twins into the stroller and let Brennan walk with me and we made our way through the hoards of elementary schools kids to our favorite animals.  And we even stopped for some Dippin' Dots.

No one had a major meltdown, just some normal whining.  All in all, I'd consider it a success.  And it gave me the courage to try more solo ventures.  This may be the beginning of a tiny sliver of freedom for mama bear and her cubs.

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