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Friday, April 20, 2012

Favorite Posts Friday.

T.G.I.F!!!  This has been the longest week ever!  My family left so I was back to flying solo, and the boys are all sick, snotty, and cranky.  Can't wait to have Brian home for the weekend to share in the misery.  I'm such a nice wife.

I skipped last week because I was having way too much fun with my family :)  So here are a few of my favorite posts from the last two weeks!

Heir to Blair - Joe the Caterpillar. -- I love this.  My sister brought Brennan a little bug collecting jar and they searched the backyard for acceptable insects to put inside.  He chose ants and lovingly provided them with some rocks to play on.  Then, he decided that they needed water.  So those little ants went for a swim.  Boys and their bugs!

Heir to Blair - When I don't understand him but I just love him, love him, love him. --  Bethanne's son Harrison is in speech therapy for a bit of a speech delay.  In this post she speaks of the joys and frustrations of their escapades.  I can relate so much with regard to our struggles with Beckett.  Physical therapy has brought him so far, yet when I see him get frustrated that he can't keep up with his twin, my heart breaks.  He'll catch up, and I'll be his cheerleader, coach, and teammate through the whole thing.

Hormonal Imbalances - 17 weeks pregnant with twin... --  If you've been reading my Favorite Posts Fridays, it's no secret that I love Diana's blog.  This week she had her big ultrasound to clarify whether her twins are identical or fraternal and reveal the genders.  It took me back to our big ultrasound day and all of the emotions surrounding it.

Mama Laughlin - Having a Support System --  I love this post.  Brandi stresses that when you're trying to reach a goal, having a support system is key.  Family and friends can be great cheerleaders, but you really have to be in it for yourself if you want to succeed.

I Am Not The Babysitter (via BlogHer) - 10 Things Breastfeeding Advocates Need To Stop Saying --  Boy did this create some controversy.  There is SO.MUCH.DRAMA surrounding the breast vs. formula feeding debate.  I've talked about my frustrations with my difficulty breastfeeding, and it continues to be a sore spot for me.  While I agree that we should promote breastfeeding, certain phrases strike a nerve and further my feelings of inadequacy ... this post includes all of them.  It's a thought-provoking post if nothing else!

Mama Laughlin - MILF Monday: Big D Texas Half Marathon --  Inspiring.  Enough said.

The Southern Belle {and her boys} - A good man is hard to find --  Jessica has had a rough couple of months.  She has been dealing with a screaming newborn while adjusting to mothering 2 kids and battling her own issues with postpartum depression.  Her hubby Trevor has been there supporting her every step of the way.  He seems like a good egg and she isn't afraid to sing his praises.  Those of us who were lucky enough to scoop up wonderful men in life are lucky, lucky girls!

** No one asked me to feature their blog.  I'm just passing along my favorites with hopes that you might find something you like too.  And if you find a blog you like, I hope that you'll do like I did and follow their blog, whether by RSS, Friend Connect, or email.  And do the same for mine if you like!

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