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Monday, May 7, 2012

8 months!


Eight months.  EIGHT months?  EIGHT MONTHS!! 

I really don't know where time is going.  I know, I say that every month.  But really, it's FLYING by.  I can't believe how fast the boys are growing.  All 3 of them are growing and changing so quickly.  It's fun to watch but sad at the same time.  My babies!  I haven't been to Mom's Club in awhile and their next pediatrician appointment isn't until next month, so I don't have official weights.  But since I was curious I jumped on our scale with them and did the math and then measured them myself too.  So these are very unofficial weights and heights!

Weight: 20 pounds
Height: 29.5 inches

Oh Mr. Beckett.  He's such a happy baby.  So calm, so mellow, so patient, so snuggly.  And he's a TOTAL mama's boy.  Can't say I mind that at all!  It's a little difficult on days when he decides that he doesn't want to be more than a few feet from me, but we manage.  He's also getting a little leery of strangers.  Luckily Kiernan is still pretty friendly so I don't have 2 babies that won't go to other people!  True to his mama's boy status, Beckett started saying "ma-ma-ma" on April 20.  Of course I don't think he really knows what he's saying, but it's so cute to hear his babble!  He does this the most when he's awake in his crib or when I'm in another room, so maybe he really is calling me J  Speaking of sleep, Beckett is sleeping SO MUCH BETTER these days.  He still likes to be snuggled, rocked, and fed to sleep, but he's staying asleep longer and now that he's moving around more in his crib he seems to be able to calm and soothe himself while in bed.  He usually sleeps through the night and if he wakes up it's usually because Kiernan woke him up.  It's just great to see him well-rested (and of course to feel better rested myself!).  The one area where he has become wild is during mealtime.  His arms fly around like a wild man and his mouth is like a steel trap … and a quick one.  If you don't navigate the spoon through the arms of death and into the mouth of the beast before the trap snaps shut, there's food all over the place.  Then he smears the food from around his mouth all over his face.  And of course blows bubbles so that Mommy is showered with whatever pureed delicacy I've prepared for him. 

Beckett has been making some really good progress in physical therapy.  Last month we were a bit concerned because his progress seemed to be stalled a bit.  But in the last few weeks he's really started moving more.  He's sitting up well now and rarely falls backward anymore.  And he's become quite good at getting himself from sitting to laying on his belly.  The biggest accomplishment of the month was on April 27.  I glanced into the family room from the kitchen and saw Beckett up on his hands and knees!  He stayed up long enough for me to snap a picture and of course to start crying because I was so proud of him.  Since then he has become pretty good at getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth.  He is also reaching forward and spinning all over the place to find the toy he wants, which comes in handy when you have 2 brothers that steal your toys all day long because they're more mobile than you.  Poor kid.  But I'm sure he'll be nice and mobile in the next month or two and then I'll really have my hands full!

Weight: 20 pounds 6 ounces
Height: 29.5 inches

This boy is ON.THE.MOVE.  Kiernan never sits still.  It seems like he makes a new accomplishment every few days.  Last month he mastered the "inchworm" and would just move around like that all day long.  He had a hard time sitting independently because he was so fidgety.  But you could tell that he wanted to get from all fours to sitting up by himself.  He tried and tried and came so close a million times  in two days until finally he did it for his Daddy on April 18.  And like magic he was a good sitter.  He practiced crawling and inching and by April 24 he was doing the big boy crawl all over the house.  Cue the big giant baby gate and keeping the bathroom door closed!  Three days later, on the 27th he was pulling himself to his knees next to the couch and by the 29th he was pulling himself to a stand … on EVERYTHING.  There were a few days when he would lose his balance and instead of plopping down on his bottom he would arch his back and hurl himself backward headfirst onto the floor.  It was chaotic and I spent a lot of time following him around and teaching him to "plop" or comforting after he hit his head.  These days, he's ripping and tearing all over the place.  I think Brennan enjoys having someone to chase and get into trouble with, but he doesn't like when Kiernan gets into his stuff.  It'll definitely be interesting once Beckett starts moving and adding more chaos to the mix!

Not only is Kiernan very physically active, but he has a big personality.  He's stubborn, impatient and we call him "the angry one".  He wants what he wants when he wants it … which is always RIGHT NOW.  But he's sweet and happy and very cute to make up for it.  He gets tired quicker than Beckett so he's usually the first one to go to bed.  But if he doesn't fall asleep right away he plays around in his bed next to the chair while I'm rocking Beckett, standing up, putting his hands through the rails, smacking my arms, and pulling his brother's hair.  One area where Kiernan has become way more cooperative than his brother is mealtime.  He opens and closes his mouth like a champ and keeps the messes to a minimum, unlike his very messy brother.

**Update** (I don't know how, but this part accidentally got deleted before originally posting):
Kiernan is also a big Daddy's boy.  When he looks at Brian he gets sparkly eyes and watches him like a hawk as he moves around the room.  On April 27, I returned home from an appointment and Brian said "I know you're going to think I'm making this up, but I swear Kiernan is saying "dada".  Sure enough, he was!  I'm not surprised at all.  Not only does he love his Daddy, but he's exactly like him.  I say all the time that Kiernan drives me crazy, but I'm crazy about him too ... which is exactly how I feel about his Daddy!

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