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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Committed {Twin Weight Tuesday ... on Wednesday}.

Hey, remember Operation Lose the Twin Weight?  And Twin Weight Tuesdays?  I do ... sort of.

OK, so I never really forgot, I just chose not to focus on it for awhile.  After playing with my calories, trying different workouts, getting frustrated, then anxious, then eating to cope with the anxiety, then getting depressed because I ate too much, then not working out because I was depressed ...

Yeah, I just kinda spiraled.  So I decided to take some time off and just live.  But this week I got back on the wagon and went for a run.  And you know what?  It felt good.

One of my favorite blogs is Mama Laughlin written by a self-proclaimed former fat girl, working mom of 2 sweet little boys, who has been on an amazing weight loss journey.  She lost 60 pounds after her first son, and has managed to lose a bunch after her second son as well.  Brandi has turned into a runner and a healthy eater and she's insanely inspirational.  And she doesn't sugar coat things - I love that in a person.

Every time I read about one of her good runs or see her weight loss pictures or hear how proud she was to complete a half marathon I get inspired.  So after reading one particularly inspiring post, I decided I was going to focus on the running.  Just.The.Running.  No weight loss, no diets (although I'm trying to just keep healthier food in the house for the whole family).  Just running.  So on Sunday I went out and ran my first day of the Cool Running Couch to 5K program.

While running, I felt inspired.  But I've been down this road before and that inspiration is hard to muster when you're just plain exhausted and can't manage to see the long term benefits in that moment when you have to tell yourself to get up off the couch.  So I needed a goal.  Not just a 5K goal.  Been there, done that too.  And guess what?  You can walk a 5K.  Quite easily.  I needed a big goal.

So I came home and signed up for the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon in November.

Yep, me.  Running 13.1 miles.  Go big or go home, right folks?  I'm scared shitless.  My husband is giddy.  My family is supportive.  Did I mention I'm scared shitless?

I plan to run a 5K in July and a 10K in August/September - whenever my own personal running nazi coach decides I should - in order to prepare.  And hopefully it'll help me stay motivated to update the blog and Tuesdays and share my progress.  Hopefully.


  1. Hi Kelli! This is Monica... It has been awhile since we saw each other (Emily's baby shower?), but I've been reading your blog and enjoying hearing about your life in FL. So exciting about the half marathon plans!! Congratulations! Have fun with the training. You can do it. And during the race if you need a break, you can stop and have your picture taken with Disney princesses.

    1. Thanks Monica! No one motivates like a Disney Princess, right? ;) Brian did it last year and said it was pretty cool. It's a nighttime run and you run through a few of the parks and end up at Epcot. I'm excited and nervous. Thanks for the comment and words of encouragement!


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