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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm a model you know what I mean.

Anyone who has children or has tried to take pictures of children knows that it's not always an easy feat.  I took the twins' 8 month photos yesterday and it was by far the most difficult shoot to date.  But it was also completely hilarious.  Kiernan doesn't sit still very well  at all and poor Beckett isn't very stable next to his wiggle worm brother.  Here's a look at the hilarity:

Very first photo and Kiernan is already diving for the camera.

Then the elbows begin to be thrown.

Finally 2 semi-smiles, but now Beckett is starting to get pushed over.  Time to adjust.

Now Kiernan won't sit up.  All he wants to do is lean back and play with his feet.

Oh, now he'll lean forward, but only with his hands in his mouth.

Back to leaning back and playing with his feet.  And pushing his brother over again.

Now Kiernan has decided that he's done with picture time ...

... and almost falls head first over the side of the couch.  Thank goodness for cat-like Mommy reflexes.

Throwing a tantrum against his brother because Mom made him sit down.  

Beckett desperately tries to escape the flailing limbs while Kiernan decides it's time to crawl.

Off he goes, past one brother and toward another.

Mommy moves him backward and then he lunges forward to try to eat the camera.  This is seconds before he takes a swan dive into Mommy's lap.

Mr. Beckett says, "Yep, still here.  Still the good kid."

And that my friends, is a sneak peek into 10 minutes of our lives.  While Brennan was busy watching Little Einsteins and chewing on his trains.  Cuz, you know that's what 2 year olds do ... right?

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