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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Picture takers.

Fair warning people ... this posts contains a lot of pictures and a crap ton of cute.

When we left Michigan, we also left behind Patience, our favorite photographer and my sister's dear friend.  My sister Teresa bought us a session with P when Brennan was just a few weeks old and since then only she has captured our family in photographs.  And she has taken some absolutely beautiful ones over the years.  

Brennan - 7 weeks old {Patience Z Photography}

Brennan - 6 months old {Patience Z Photography}

Brennan - 10 months old {Patience Z Photography}

Brennan - 14 months old {Patience Z Photography}

Brennan - 18 months old {Patience Z Photography}

She captured my growing belly while we were waiting for the twins to arrive and took some beautiful photos of my whole family when the twins were just shy of 4 months old.  

Kelli - 28 weeks pregnant, Brennan - 21 months old  {Patience Z Photography}

Brennan - 2 years old, Beckett & Kiernan - almost 4 months old {Patience Z Photography}

When we moved to Florida and found out about the twins, I began my search for a new photographer to take newborn photos.  God knew what he was doing and guided me toward Lisa, of Lisa Marshall Photography.  Turns out, Lisa has twin boys herself and was pregnant with a little girl at the time.  She emailed me several times throughout my pregnancy to check on me, which I thought was incredibly sweet.  Once the twins were born, we scheduled the newborn shoot and we clicked.  Since then, we've become friends.  She even brought us dinner when the boys were a few weeks old.  Sweet as pie.

When the boys turned 8 months old, we booked another shoot with Lisa.  I was so excited to do another shoot  with her because of her go-with-the-flow style.  She knows how life is with small kids, so she just rolls with it.  And her photos show it.  

I'm admittedly a photo addict.  I love seeing memories captured in pictures because I can barely remember who ate last at what time and when I last changed a diaper at any given moment.  I just count my blessings that I was able to find another amazing photographer and more importantly friend down here in Florida.  Can't wait til the next shoot when the twins turn one and Brennan turns three!

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