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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 2012.

April was a great month.  Brian began the last year of his twenties on April 4.  He feels old, but I maintain that it's more what we have going on in life that makes us feel old than actually being old.  29 is not old.  At all.  Oh well.  We had a laid back day that day.  He requested tuna noodle casserole for dinner (since he wasn't eating meat due to his Lenten promise) and apple crisp instead of cake.  Brennan and I made him a tshirt with a race track drawn on the back so that he can race his cars on Daddy's back and the boys posed for pictures with reasons that they love their Daddy.  Cooper gave Brian a custom watercolor painting of himself that I helped him order.  Brian loved it because of course he loves Cooper more than most things in this world … except the boys … and maybe me too.  I'm still working to complete my promise of 250 miles of walking/running, so I wasn't allowed to give him anything yet.

Our Easter was also very relaxing.  The Easter Bunny brought the boys modest baskets.  Brennan got some sidewalk chalk, a Hot Wheels truck, and Horton Hears a Who.  Beckett and Kiernan each got a sippy cup and a container of puffs.  Our Bunny tries to be fun but practical.  He also hid plastic eggs filled with coins, goldfish, M&M packets, and fruit snacks in the back yard for Brennan to find.  After enjoying the fresh air and opening all of the eggs as a family, we headed inside and Brian and I started what turned out to be a very productive day.  Since it was Brian's first day of eating meat, I told him we could eat whatever he wanted that day.  His choices?  Subway for lunch and tacos for dinner.  You know, normal Easter food. 

On the day after Easter, my parents and Teresa flew in from Michigan.  We had an awesome week together!  On Tuesday, Brian took the day off and we headed to Kennedy Space Center.  Brian and Brennan went twice last year, but it was very cool to see Brennan enjoying all of the rocket ships this year.  He was able to understand it and enjoy it now that he's older.  The pool at their hotel was beautiful, so we made sure to take a day to enjoy that too.  Unfortunately it was a little bit chilly, so we didn't last too long.  But the boys loved being in the water.  While Brian was at work on Friday, we headed to the zoo.  Brennan seemed to enjoy this visit more than all the times we've been, which is a lot considering we're members.  It's so much fun to watch him grow and enjoy learning and understanding.  We planned to go to the beach on Saturday, but it was cloudy and rainy, so instead we headed to the bowling alley.  Brennan loved bowling and Beckett and Kiernan enjoyed being passed from person to person while we all bowled.  Sunday morning we headed to the beach.  It was WINDY and a little cloudy at first, but eventually the sun shined through and we soaked up the sun. 

Kiernan & Grammy

Beckett & Grampy

TT & Brennan

That afternoon, we had to say goodbye.  I don't know who was more sad to see them go - me or Brennan.  The next day, poor Brennan told me that he wanted to go to Michigan because he missed Grammy, Grampy, and TT.  It broke my heart.  Then later, he asked when they were coming home.  Poor kiddo is old enough to enjoy having them around, but not quite old enough to understand the distance between us.  After they left, we tried to stay busy to keep Brennan's mind off of missing them.  It kind of works, but inevitably at least once a day he asks for Grampy to bring him mac & cheese, TT to take him to the zoo, or to go to the beach with Grammy.  Thank goodness for Skype so that they're only a computer screen away!

The zoo is definitely one of Brennan's favorite places, but I hadn't been brave enough to take all 3 boys until one Friday morning when nothing was going my way and I just needed to get out of the house.  We took our time, only went to see the animals that Brennan requested, and even stopped for some ice cream.  But Mommy's bravery didn't stop there.  The following week I braved grocery shopping at Target with all 3!  And for those of you wondering how it's physically possible - I had Beckett in my Boba carrier (like a Baby Bjorn), put Kiernan in the cart, and Brennan walked with me.  Hectic, but we survived!  That week we also had a play date with another Mom in town who has a 3 year old boy and 8 month old twin boys.  It was nice to be able to commiserate with someone who knows exactly what my life is like!

Ice cream at the zoo

Morning smiles

The last weekend in April was insanely busy, but tons of fun.  We spend most of Saturday at the beach with our friends.  As usual, Brennan loved playing in the water and the babies were content being passed from person to person and loved playing in the sand.  Sunday we went to the park by our house to see the travelling Vietnam Memorial Wall.  Brennan was very excited to see the helicopters they had on display.  We couldn't go to the park without stopping to play on the playground.  Brennan loved climbing and sliding and the twins loved were downright giddy on the swings.  After naptime, we headed to another park to have family pictures taken.  If you've ever tried to get just one baby or toddler to look at the camera, try to get 3 of them.  You can imagine the chaos.  But I think we got some good shots and can't wait to see the finished products!

Tuckered out after the beach

Playground fun times 3!

The weather has been beautiful all month long and we've been able to spend a lot of time outside and on the back porch.  Brian and I were able to enjoy a date night last weekend and were able to eat by the water.  Living by the ocean never gets old!  And taking a chance to slow down and relax with my partner in crime makes it even better.  April was busy, but May will be even busier.  We're gearing up for the chaos and enjoying life!



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