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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Don't you just want to gnaw their faces off???

I thought I'd post a few pictures of my sweet boys because ... well, don't you just want to gnaw their faces off???  Ugh.  Seriously, every day I just stare at them in amazement.  I just can't comprehend how something (well, 3 somethings) so cute came out of me (with a little help from Brian of course).  Anyways, prepare your ovaries, ladies....

Funny story about these outfits.  My sister bought these little sleeveless rompers because she thought they were just too cute to pass up.  Daddy got them dressed one morning and I was visibly puzzled when I saw that he had put long sleeve rompers on under them.  I was puzzled because I wasn't sure why he felt they needed sleeves.  We live in Florida.  And it's August.  It's hot as balls outside.  Not to mention that they're rompers, not Catholic school uniform jumpers.  Apparently he thought they were overalls.  Either way, they were so cute that day I wanted to eat them.

This guy is WALKING.  It's precious.  All of the pictures I have of it are super blurry because when he sees the camera, he usually just lunges for it.  Such a trouble maker, but he melts me into a Mommy-puddle.

He's very into making funny faces lately, which really just means that he wants me to make a funny face while he either pushes his nose up or pulls his ears out.  Either way, it makes him erupt into giggles.  Apparently my funny faces are hysterical.  And he's obsessed with painting.  Which is more like smearing colors together to make a brown mess.  Whatever keeps him happy!

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