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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flight of ideas.

I'm spinning.

Not the kind where you sweat a lot.  Well, actually, as a chub-a-lub who drinks way too much coffee, I actually sweat quite a bit during the day, so that's not entirely true.  But not the kind of spinning where you are on a bike and going nowhere and sweating your balls off.

I'm just spinning through life.  August has been the busiest not busy month ever.  I'm just in the middle of a million things and haven't made the time to sit down and write and that's making me crazy.  I have a million things that I want to get out of my brain so I'm making time for it in what may be the most random post I've ever written.  But that's just what it's like inside my head lately so maybe by getting out I'll be able to clear up the mess a bit.  Maybe?

  • There are so many things that I'm having a hard time even coming up with something to start with.

  • Every weekend in August has been consumed with cleaning this house.  Not just cleaning, but like, CLEANING.  Top to bottom, every crack and crevice, a nice big purging.  We're not quite done, but we're almost there and it feels  I plan to write a nice post about it complete with before and after pics.  At least that's the plan.  

  • Thanks to a cleaner house with less junk around (and of course my BFFs Paxil and therapy), my anxiety has lessened.  It's just plain easier to maintain a home rather than feel like you're starting from scratch every day.  I can't wait to have the rest of the house done!

  • I've been working like mad on Beckett & Kiernan's first birthday party.  I have so many mixed emotions about it.  I can't believe they're already turning one.  I'm feeling horribly sad and guilty about not being with them on their actually birthday and am probably therefore making up for it by putting way too much time and effort into the party.  But it's important to me, so I'm doing it anyway.  And it's fun.  So there's that.

  • The reason I'm missing the twins birthday is that I'll be heading back to the mitten to start school.  I in no way, shape, or form have any desire to start back again, but if I don't, we have to start paying back my student loan to the tune of $450 per month.  Yeah, that's not exactly in the budget.  And I'm too far into my Masters' program to transfer to a school in FL, so I'm just biting the bullet and finishing up.  This of course won't add a bit of stress to my life.  ::snort:: 

  • Again, too many things ... can't come up with what to write next.

  • I'm running.  Like, I can run 2 miles straight with no problem and am going to attempt a 3 mile run this weekend.  This, of course, is fantastic news.  Except for the fact that I have to run a half marathon in 10.5 weeks.  People, that is not enough time to go from 2 miles to 13.1.  I mean, I have no doubt I'll be able to do it, but I'm also confident that I won't be able to run as much of it as I wanted to.  I'm trying not to let this discourage me.  I'm trying to push myself the perfect amount but not injure myself.  I'm trying to just keep my head down up and train and not worry about dipping below a 16 minute mile pace and getting picked up by the slow-poke-bus.  Trying is the key word in all of those statements.

  • I made a bunch of uber-cute diaper cakes for friends who recently had babies and people oohed and ahhed over them and it got me thinking that maybe I could make a few and throw them on Etsy and see if they sell.  Mine are cuter than any of the ones I see on there right now.  Well, at least I think they are.

  • I hate my dogs.  They bark and wake up the boys and they track dirt and yard clippings into the house and they pee on the floor and they chew up stuff all the time.  Of course, they really just don't get enough attention, but I can't do much about this at this point.  

  • The other day I talked to a friend who I haven't spoken to in a few years.  We were great friends back in the day and then she moved away and I started to have babies and we just drifted apart.  But I never stopped thinking about her and it was AMAZING to be able to reconnect.  We seem to have more in common now than we did when we were close, and it was refreshing to hear her contagious laugh.  She holds a piece of my heart, that girl.  We vowed not to let so much time pass before talking again and I'm determined to keep that promise.  
OK, I'm cutting myself off at 10.  There are a million more things to write but I have even more things to accomplish so I'm done.  

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