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Friday, August 3, 2012

Favorite Posts Friday {8.3.12}.

Well, it's been a week or three since I've gotten an FPF post up, so this one is a bit long.  But it's a smattering of everything I've enjoyed the most over the past few weeks!

sKIDmarks - Some things you may need to know before you become a stay-at-home Mom - This is my new favorite blog.  My friend Ericka (can you still call someone your friend when you haven't seen them for, oh I don't know, maybe 4 years?  Thanks to Facebook, I say yes!), who is flippin' HILARIOUS herself and needs to start her own blog, told me to check it out and I'm so thankful I could kiss her (you know, if I ever see her in person again).  And when I saw this post, I fell even more in love with this blog.  Every ounce of this post could not be more true.  I adore it.

Bower PowerSoaking -- These are simply some beautiful words about a mother's love.  If you're a Mom (or just a softy), it's guaranteed to make your eyes leak, especially if you have a little boy.

Harper's HappeningsRewind - 3 year olds are terrorists -- This weekend is the big Blogher conference in NYC, so lots of ladies are bringing back their favorite posts while their having all kinds of lady-blogger fun in the Big Apple.  I'm fairly new to Harper's Happenings, so I haven't seen this one before.  And I'm very glad I did.  Brennan isn't 3 yet, but holy bananas his attitude sure is changing a lot lately.  I just read this whole post and nodded in agreement blurted out "Oh my God, YES!" to pretty much every part.  I felt like I was at one of those fun churches where they yell out "Amen!" and such while the preacher is preachin'.

Bower PowerIt's a little... -- This is one of the cutest, most creative gender reveals ever.  Not that I'm surprised at all, because Katie is one of the cutest, most creative people ever.

Brittany Herself Jeggings Weather -- I legitimately spit out the water I was drinking when I got to the part about pulling up your Spanx in front of your husband.  I'll do A LOT of stuff in front of Brian, but if he's in the bedroom when I want to put on my fat-sucker-inner, I will walk into the bathroom (naked), close and lock the door, and then walk out with just the girdle and a bra on.  I mean, we get pretty up close and personal in life, but that is just something that no one should ever see.  I accidentally caught a glimpse of the process in the mirror one time.  Once I regained feeling in my retinas (and vowed not to eat for 2 months) I promised myself I'd never make that mistake again.  Moral of the story?  Read this.  It's spit-out-your-drink-funny.  I promise.

Blue-Eyed Bride The Differences That Unite Us -- I wish more people would think this way.  It's true, I may be skeptical of the way some of my friends choose to parent.  I often think that things might just "work better" if they tried a different way of doing things.  And in the same regard, I often think things might work better if I tried a different way of doing things.  I just hate it when people get all judgmental or "my way or the highway".

Baby Rabies Pre-Kid Problems -- This is just so funny to me.  I hate to compare problems in life - whether it be my problems vs. someone else's problems or my problems now vs. my problems in my past lives.  Because really, it's all relative.  I will freely admit that my life now is so.fucking.much.harder than ever before.  It's harder than when I was a working mom of one.  And that was harder than working without kids, which was harder than working without a mortgage, which was harder than college, which was harder than high school...  But the thing is, I really, truly, legitimately thought that my life was so hard at each of those points.  And people would say, "Oh you just wait til ::insert various life stages here::" and I would get super annoyed because THEY JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT I'M GOING THROUGH.  The point is, maybe 'harder' is a bad term to use.  Maybe it's just a different kind of hard.  I say this because I can see people getting all huffy about this if they don't have a sense of humor kids.  (And I can say that because I was totally one of them at one point in time).

Baby RabiesA Horror Story about Reptiles in Toilets -- You guys.  I'm not afraid of the lizards we have here.  They're harmless and pretty much like chipmunks or squirrels back in MI.  But finding one in the toilet after I pee is downright terrifying to me.  It has been one of my biggest fears since moving to Florida.  That and finding a cockroach in the toilet.  And a baby alligator.  What???

** No one asked me to feature their blog. I'm just passing along my favorites with hopes that you might find something you like too. And if you find a blog you like, I hope that you'll do like I did and follow their blog, whether by RSS, Friend Connect, or email. And do the same for mine if you like!

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