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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Twin Weight Tuesday {8.21.12}.

Another week, another pound lost.  

The best part?  That's a total of 10 pounds lost.  BOOM.

I'm so excited by this.  It's fuel for my motivation to keep going and it just makes me feel better about myself as a whole.

I busted out the next size down in jeans yesterday to try them on and they fit.  Not incredibly well, but they work.  And when I walked into my therapist's office today she said that I look like I've lost weight and I was so excited I could've covered her in slobbery kisses right then and there.  

My lungs are finally feeling better so I'm gonna get back to my training schedule.  Until now, I've just been dabbling in running intermittently with walking, but I finally feel like I can run without keeling over into a big pile of wheezing flab.  

I can't wait to see how well the weight loss is going to go once I really get back to running.  I'm 2 pounds away from achieving goal #2 and I'd be ecstatic to hit it next week.  Squeeeeeee!

Sorry, that's totally obnoxious.  I can't guarantee I won't be even more obnoxious if I do in fact hit that goal next week....

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