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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twin Weight Tuesday {8.14.12}.

Wow, is this blog getting boring, or what?

I have about a million post ideas sitting in my queue and life is just a little too chaotic to sit down and work on any of them at the moment.  Some day I'll get an hour to sit and write and you'll get a crapstorm of thoughts from my head.  I'm sure everyone is jumping up and down in anticipation, amiright??

What life hasn't gotten too chaotic for is health and fitness.  I'm really proud of myself for making it a priority.  I haven't been able to get any really good runs in because I'm still a bit sick and my asthma is making it difficult.  But I'll get back on track as soon as I can breathe well.

But I have some pretty good news.  I'm pretty stoked that I've HIT GOAL NUMBER 1!!!!  Woo hoo!!

I can't remember if I've written about my goals yet, so here's a quick rundown.

I think everyone has an ideal weight for themselves.  Mine is a bit heavier than what I'd like to try to see if I could get to, but it's well within my healthy weight parameters for my height (5'7").  It's a realistic weight for me, after having 3 babies in less than 2 years and starting out terribly out of shape.  From my heaviest weight,  I had 67 pounds to lose to achieve my goal weight.  That is HUGE.  Cue panicking and feelings of overwhelming impossibility and binge eating.

Having a goal that big was not working for me.  So, like most good weight loss experts will tell you to do, I set a series of small goals.  I'm not going to share the actual weights with you, because I'm still in cow status. Maybe when I'm slimmed down to pig status I'll feel more comfortable saying where I've been and where I still need to go.

  1. A weight that I told myself I'd never see unless I was pregnant = -7 pounds
  2. Pre-Brennan weight = -5 pounds
  3. Post-Twins weight = -10 pounds
  4. Pre-Twins weight = -10 pounds
  5. Wedding weight = -15 pounds
  6. Engagement weight = -10 pounds
  7. Goal weight = -10 pounds
So, as you can see, I've broken it up into small, 5 to 15 pound increments.  If that 15 pound one gives me troubles, I might even split it up.  We'll see.  Right now it's all about celebrating small successes and keeping momentum.  

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