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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Not-So-Normal Day in the Life.

So this morning I decided to do an Instagram "Day in the Life" series.  Except that I also discovered that we were completely out of dog food and therefore needed to make a Target run.  Usually I either plan outings the day before or we go after naptime, but I didn't feel like starving my dogs all day long, so I kicked it into high gear.

8:00am - The Brothers wake up and are ready to cause some trouble.  I get green smoothies made and pop some Eggos in the toaster for breakfast.  Talk about a mix of healthy and not-so-healthy.

8:30am - The big guy snuggles in Mommy's bed watching some Disney Junior while I clean up the kitchen and get the coffee rolling.

8:45am - Mommy attempts to get herself dressed and Mr Beckett decides to have a meltdown.  Plan B - snuggle Mr Beckett til he's all smiles then wrestle the kidlets dressed.

9:20am - Kidlets are dressed and playing together for the nanosecond.  Time for Mommy to sneak away and get dressed.

10:00am - Mommy finally dressed and ready after many many many many interruptions.

10:30am - Oh, you know ... only took us an hour to get packed up and in the car.  Four meltdowns, a toilet incident, and Mommy wondering if it's worth it 12 times.

11:00am - Browsing through Target with a Mr Beckett on my back and a mega-cart full of groceries, a Kiernan, & a Brennan.  Getting all kinds of looks and "Wow, you've got your hands full" comments.  I try not to snap at these people.  Really, really hard.

11:30am - Fights are breaking out in the back of the cart.  Time to kick this shopping trip into high gear.

11:50am - Of course, no Target trip would be complete without a potty stop.  At least it was after checkout this time.  Thank God for small miracles and family restrooms.  Off to begin the process of transferring kids and groceries from cart to car.  Not for the faint of heart.

1:00pm - Picked up Daddy for a late lunch at Wendy's.  My little boys did me proud by grabbing the apple slices before the nuggets and fries.  My big boy did me proud by eating 5 nuggets, a few fries, and some apples without being reminded to eat his food ONCE.  This is unheard of friends.

1:40pm - Dropped Daddy back at work and headed to a friend's house to pick up some Halloween costumes.  Love reaping the benefits of having friends with older kids.

2:15pm - Home at last.  Attempt to clear a path through the husband's reoccurring mess of tools so I can haul in groceries and monsters.

2:20pm - The Brothers decide to empty out the spice rack while I unload the car.  Whoever invented bottom-cabinet spice racks clearly didn't have children.

2:35pm - The big one settles down to watch "safe Cars" (the first one ... as opposed to "scary Cars" which is the second one).  Put groceries away.  Pull the littles further away from the TV 500 times.

3:00pm - Snuggles and books before a late nap for the Brothers.

4:15pm - Picking up the house when someone requests a snuggle.  Certainly not going to deny him.

5:00pm - The Brothers are awake.  Kiernan is off and running.  Mr Beckett usually needs some snuggles before he's ready to rip and tear.

5:45pm - Dinner.  Total and complete chaos.  Not time for photos ... but my face looked a little like this.

6:45pm - Attempt at pumpkin carving.  Kiernan loved it enough to get a seed stuck to his head.  Beckett was terrified of the whole process.  Brennan thought the outside of the pumpkin was cool, but the inside was deemed "too wet".

7:15pm - Daddy is home in time for baths.  Thank you little baby Jesus.  This is my very least favorite Mommy-task.  Ever.  I stick to the after bath diapers, lotion, PJs, and stories.

7:45pm - Kiernan abandoned stor time to go get stuck in his chair.  And maybe gnaw on it a little before Mommy told him not to.

7:47pm - Beckett abandoned story time to go start his own story time.  Mommy hears shrieks of one very cranky big brother in the room next door.  Decides to just enjoy the peace for a few minutes and let Daddy deal with the drama.

8:00pm - Time for bed!  Beckett is happy.  Kiernan, not so much.  Brennan, not even suitable for a photo.  Time to clean up the house and have a late dinner with the Daddy.

10:20pm - Carving our kids' pumpkins.  This is love.

11:15pm - Finally done.  Mommy's pumpkin for Brennan and Daddy's pumpkin for the Brothers.

11:45pm - Finishing cleaning up the kitchen and I decided that my faucet needed scrubbed.  What the hell is wrong with me.

12:30am - Still up doing homework.  Blegh.

1:50am - Finally time to hit the hay.  Too tired for words.  Goodnight friends.

So there you have it.  A not-so-normal day in the life of us.  Complete with an outing and late/absent naps and meltdowns (for everyone!) and just ... normalcy.  It's funny when even the most chaotic of days feels normal because we're just used to the chaos by now.  When chaos became normal, I'm not sure, but it's our life and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  (Just don't ask me if I'd trade it on a bad day...)

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