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Monday, October 22, 2012

September 2012.

Sooooo I should probably write a September recap post before it's time to write one for October, huh?

Clearly, life has been BUSY. 

We had Beckett & Kiernan's birthday party on September 1st.  I had so much fun planning it and the day turned out beautifully.  A few days later, I headed to Michigan for class while Brian stayed home and had a blast with the boys. My heart was broken when I found out that my first day ofclass was on the twins' first birthday.  That morning was pretty rough for me, but the day shaped up pretty well.  I was able to Skype with them and then celebrated "Happy-one-year-of-not-being-pregnant-to-ME!" with my fam and my BFF.  Carrot cake, wine, and great company.  Delightful. 

We took Beckett and Kiernan for their first haircuts on September 9.  They both did AMAZINGLY well.  We were worried about Kiernan sitting still and warned the stylist about it.  But of course he made a liar out of me by behaving like a perfect angel.  All 3 boys looked so handsome with their new do's.

In the next few weeks, I had 2 procedures done on my legs.  I've had a varicose vein in my left leg since I was a teenager and it's just gotten worse over the years.  Basically, I have crappy, leaky valves in my leg veins that cause the blood to get stagnant and become varicosities.  This may have contributed to the DVT they found after I had the twins.  So the procedure was quite necessary.  It's called an endovenous ablation and it's honestly not half bad.  A little Valium and local anesthetic for the surgery and a few days of not lifting anything over 10 pounds (ha!) and I was back to running.  Brian was able to stay home and work and help with the boys so that I could recover.  We're so lucky that Rivian is so flexible with Brian's work schedule.  Otherwise, I don't know how we would've been able to manage all of it!

As my legs started to feel better and the weather started to get a teeny-tiny bit cooler, we started taking more family walks in the evenings.  Brian is pretty much super dad and started one walk with all 3 dogs and all 3 boys all by himself while I grabbed the camera and locked the house. 

Since it's football season, our weekends have consisted of lots of college football on Saturdays (and teaching our boys to say Go Blue!) and catching up on housework on Sundays.  We were able to have our friends and their kids over one Sunday for a pizza play date.  They have 5 year old twin boys who Brennan loves to run around after and a little girl who's just a few months older than Beckett and Kiernan.  So it's a wild time, but lots of fun. 

My Mom and Dad came for a visit at the end of the month.  We took advantage of the swimming pool at their hotel.  The boys love swimming!  We had lunch and dinner on the water a few times, took a trip to the park, and spent part of a day at the beach.  





I love having my parents around.  It's relaxing for me because I know that they'll jump right in and help, but they know when to ask about things first.  And I just love watching them with the boys.  It's such a special relationship to watch grow.  My Mom actually said to me once, "I just don't think I've ever loved anyone as much as I love Brennan!"  (This was pre-twins.)  I mean, I get that she loves them, but HELLO!!  YOU GAVE BIRTH TO ME!  I guess maybe I'll get it someday when my boys have kids of their own.  Til then, I'll just enjoy teasing my Mom about it and accept the fact that she loves them more than she loves me.

On October 1st, they headed back to Michigan, but they had a little something extra in tow … Brennan!  More on his big adventures next month…

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