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Friday, October 26, 2012

Favorite Posts Friday {10.26.12}.

So who's up for a little Fave Post Friday??  It's been awhile, huh?  So since it's been FOREVER since I've done an FPF, you get some of my faves from that past few months.  Congrats.  :D

Mama Laughlin - I am a Runner -- I love this.  So inspiring.  It makes me want to go for a run.  A really good run.  I need to remind myself to read it next time I'm dreading my run.

Exploits of a Military Mama - Lessons in how to raise a boy -- This is beautiful and I agree with every part of it.  An experienced Mom of 3 boys once told me that her goal was to raise her boys to be excellent husbands one day.  I think that's a great goal.  Teaching love, respect, how to be a good man - all important in raising sons.

Brittany HerselfA hot bed of sexual insecurities -- Yes.  Just, yes. I have no other words.

Momastery A bicycle built for one --  "Find something just for you today.  Something with just one seat."  This.  This is what I have such a hard time with.  Especially lately.  I do things for myself and then I get behind on life and it all piles up and I get overwhelmed and depressed and anxious and then I stop doing things for myself because it doesn't feel worth it ... and then I spiral.  It has to stop.  It just has to.  Running has become a part of this, but there has to be more.  I have to make time for more.  It's not a luxury.  It's for survival.

Baby RabiesDays like this -- In this post, Jill describes exactly what I feel when I go through every once in awhile.  But it's also a reminder that it's temporary.  It's just a day.  Or 2.  And it will get better.

Momastery Here comes the sun -- Momastery is one of my favorite blogs.  Glennon is so honest, so real.  Sometimes I feel like her brain is inside my head.  But then again, I think a lot of people feel that way because that is the reason she has become so insanely popular.  Now, I don't know what it feels like to be an alcoholic or drug addict, but I do know depression.  And she says in this blog that Ashley Judd says that depression is anger turned inward.  I have to say, that is a very thought provoking statement.

Livin' the Good Life - Women aren't the only complicated ones -- Samantha is a new bloggy friend.  I mentioned her here .  Then she IG'd a photo of my blog title saying that she was famous.  This is why I like her. Her post is so funny, especially the part about men taking too long in the bathroom.  I mean, honestly, I've never understood why Brian gets to poop behind 2 locked doors and I find myself swearing to sacrifice things if I could just get 2 minutes alone to pee.  It must be good to be a man.

Sluiter Nation via Hormonal Imbalances - Accepting the unacceptable -- This is a beautiful post by Katie of Sluiter Nation.  Bottom line?  PPD does not get to win.

sKIDmarks - The Progressive Dinner -- This blog makes me laugh so.damn.hard.  Girl cracks my shit up every post.  Love it.

Okay, BA! (Formerly The Heir to Blair) via Babble 7 Reasons to Keep the Baby Weight On Into the Toddler Years7 -- ::snort::  Amen sister!  Oh, and my favorite part?  When she linked to this in her personal blog she said this - "If any of you take this seriously, I will punch you in the cooter."  ::double snort::

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  1. Famous again! Thanks lady! Love being your new friend! :)


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