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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brennan's big adventure.

::peeks sheepishly to the left and right::

Hello?  Anybody still here?

To say life has been busy lately would be an understatement.  It's swirling around me and I'm trying desperately to keep my head above water.  Not in a bad way, just in a "Dear God, this parachute is a knapsack!" kind of way.

But this past weekend was a great break from the chaos.  My parents came into town for a visit.  We spent time in the pool at their hotel, at the beach, relaxing at our house, playing at the park, and going out to eat ... a lot.   More than anything we just spent lots of time enjoying each other's company.  I love to watch my boys interacting with their grandparents.  It's such a special relationship to watch form and grow.

Kiernan, Grammy, Brennan, Grampy, & Beckett

They left yesterday and took a little something extra with them.... 

Yep, that's right.  Mommy cut the cord and sent my oldest baby off to Michigan with his grandparents.  Of course, I'll be joining him in the mitten on Wednesday night, but it was still pretty crazy to drop him off at the airport.  The car ride home was INSANELY quiet and I tried like hell to swallow the giant lump in my throat for at least the first 30 minutes.  

Apparently he was just great on the plane ride and ate his weight in processed junk food, followed by pizza when they got home.  I have no doubt that he'll be absolutely spoiled rotten for the next few days ... and he'll love every minute of it.  

I miss him.  Not too much, but a healthy amount.  It's amazing how much quieter and easier life is without him running around.  But I miss his hugs and kisses and random "Mommy, I love yous".  And it's sad to walk by his dark, empty room at night and bright, perfectly clean room in the morning.  (Update: It's no longer clean.  His brothers have thoroughly trashed it.  I'm OK with it.  It feels more comfortable and it got me 15 minutes of peace to enjoy my coffee this morning.)

We've Skyped twice and he's really just too busy to pay any attention to his boring old Mom.  He manages to make time to say "I love you Mommy" and blow me kisses while he's running around playing with trains and tools.  Really, I'm glad that he's so independent.  I think it would be much harder on me if he was having a tough time being away from home.  

It's hard to believe he'll be 3 years old in a few short weeks.  I find myself grasping onto memories and snuggling with him a little longer at bedtime because it feels like at the rate time is flying by, he'll be leaving for college in a few short years.  

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