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Thursday, October 11, 2012

I have a new blog follower (HI SAMANTHA!) so I guess I should actually blog.

Creepy?  Eh, whatev.

So..... I have been a just plain shitty blogger lately.  

I have 12 half finished drafts sitting in my computer, twiddling their thumbs, waiting to be finished.  Or at least they would be if drafts had thumbs.  In my head I picture them as pieces of paper with Sponge Bob-esque arms.  No, I'm not drinking.  Or smoking.  Or sniffing anything.  I just don't talk to adults for most of the day so my mind tends to wander.  But considering my kids are one million times cuter than any adult I've ever met, I'll deal with the wandering mind.  It makes life interesting.

Almost intolerable cuteness - Exhibit A - Mr. Beckett

Anyways, life is just busy and I haven't felt particularly inspired so it's hard to finish a post.  This is frustrating because I want to want to finish a post.  Yes, I said want to want to.   But I think I'm just so caught up in life and chasing after my darlings and actually feeling good being out of my head that I just haven't been in the mood.  Plus, who has time for writing when this kind of stuff is happening every.single.second of the day:

Oh, Kiernan.  You will be the end of me.

So before I finish those drafts, I have a few random thoughts to throw out there.  So because I love me some bullet points, here goes...
  • Yes, I'm still running.  No, I'm not really losing weight.  Yes, it's probably because I do really well with my eating habits and then have an emotional day or five and it all goes to hell.  Whatever.  I'll get there.  And I'm making a pledge to start writing Twin Weight Tuesday posts again, so hold me to it.  
  • I'm actually really enjoying school this semester.  I think it's because I like my professors.  They're both male (VERY uncommon in nursing), very down to earth, intelligent, realistic, and still relevant.  I never in a million years thought that Healthcare Finance would be on my list of fave classes. 
  •  Brennan tells me all the time lately that he loves me.  Just out of the blue.  "Mommy?  I just really love you."  Kills me dead every time.
  • I'm back to couponing.  It takes up sooooo much time.  But saving 50% at Publix last night?  Totally worth it. 
  • So this whole apple shortage thing?  It's bananas.  (Heh.  See what I did there?)  I mean, sure apples are a little bit more expensive now, but I didn't feel the brunt of this shortage til last night at Target when I almost accidentally paid $6.99 for a gallon of cider.  SEVEN DOLLARS.  JesusMaryandJoseph.  Then I posted about it on Facebook and apparently people are seeing it for $8-10 at cider mills in the MItten and one friend saw it for $20 at a farmer's market in AZ.  (As she put it, apparently apples are especially hard to come by in the desert.  Damn.  Who woulda thunk it?)  Moral of the story?  My FALL jollies are significantly dampened when I can't have my cider.  But I'm sorry, I'm not paying that much money.  Argh. 
  • I have 290 unread entries in my gReader right now.  I think it's time to thin the pack and only skim the faves.  Someday I will get back to writing Favorite Post Fridays too, because they're fun to write. 
  • I'm deep into planning Brennan's birthday party.  It's a race car theme, because, well, you know…

Seriously.  He's way cooler than I'll ever be.

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