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Monday, March 5, 2012

Beach Bums.

On Saturday we took the boys to the beach.  Brennan of course is already a certified beach bum so he was in heaven.  Although the twins have been to the beach twice before, this was the first time that we were there long enough and that they were old enough to really experience it.  We met a group of friends for a going away party.  Brian expressed desires to stay "all day", which of course made me go into nervous wreck mode.  We all know I like my kids to be on their schedule and I just couldn't imagine spending more than 2 hours at the beach.  Let me tell you, it is not easy to pack for 2 adults, a toddler, and 2 infants to spend a day at the beach.  It took us a solid hour and a half to get ready to leave.

Pre-beach playtime

We live about 10 minutes away from the ocean, but we headed up to Cocoa Beach (which is about 25 minutes away) to have breakfast with some friends before heading to the beach.  The boys caught a quick nap on the way there and Brennan repeatedly yelled"Sand! Wa-wa!" the.entire.way.there.  

After a quick breakfast, we headed to the beach.  A few people have sun-shades, so the boys were able to be in the shade the whole time.  Beckett loved the beach from the minute we got there.  He laughed and squealed and blew bubbles all day long.  Kiernan definitely took some time to warm up to the idea.  He has very light and wind sensitive eyes, so even in the shade with a hat on he squinted quite a bit.  Gonna have to get that boy some baby sunglasses.  



We're so lucky to have friends who love our kids and are willing to help out with them.  We're very comfortable handing people a baby or asking someone to grab Brennan if we're both busy with babies and he strays too far.  

Brennan was so excited to get his toes in the water.  He hasn't been to the ocean since December and even then it was pretty cold.  Taking him to the beach is exhausting because he runs CONSTANTLY.  But it's worth it because we get to see him so happy.  Of course I can say that because I'm not the one who usually has to run around with him.  That's Daddy's job.  

Kiernan's first time with his toes in the ocean 

Beckett's first time with his toes in the ocean

Beckett and Kiernan got to dip their toes in the ocean for the first time.  Kiernan kept his head down.  I'm not sure if he was fascinated by the sand between his toes or if it was just too bright and windy for him.  Probably a mix of both.  He seemed to like the water though.  Beckett loved every part of it.  He's going to be a beach bum like his big brother.

Brennan seems to want to stress his mother out as much as possible and become a surfer.  He LOVED riding the waves.  It was adorable and terrifying at the same time.  Good thing I trust Brian more than anyone in this world to be in the water with him.  



One of the things I was worried about was missing naptime.  But not being at home didn't seem to phase anyone.  Beckett zonked out on our friend Laurie, Kiernan zonked out on me, and even Brennan took a minute to relax in the shade and drink some water.  

We were there for about 4 hours.  And it was a ton of fun.  Brian even said that he thought it was the best day he's had since we've moved here.  That gave me all kinds of warm fuzzies.  I love to see him happy instead of stressed from work.  It was nice to see a glimpse into our future and know that even though it's a little chaotic and we come home with exhausted children, it's possible.  And really fun. Can't wait to do it again!



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