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Monday, March 19, 2012

Want a naner?

Well, the boys are 6 months old now so I figured I should introduce some solids.  Funny how with Brennan I couldn't wait another minute to start him on real food.  And with these guys?  I've been dragging my feet.  And the only reason I'm doing it now is that they're really starting to lunge for our food.  The difference between a baby who wants to try food and one who couldn't care less about food is amazing.

So a week after they turned 6 months we started some rice cereal.  Personally, I hate the idea of rice cereal.  Sure it's iron-fortified, but so is baby formula.  And sure it's a low-allergen food and easily digested, but so are vegetables.  But Brian had picked some up while he was at the store, so I figured we'd give it a try.  

Kiernan was a little "eh" about it at first.  Then he started diving for and swatting at the spoon.  I learned that he must have a tray on his chair or he'll have his head in his lap trying to get at the food.  Beckett loved it.  He sat there wide-mouthed, waiting for another mouthful, and didn't spit out much at all.  I'd call it a success.

A rare Mommy-sighting ... 
Cute messy faces

Five days later we decided to try some mashed banana.  I let them play with a little in their hands, which they loved.  Kiernan enjoyed the banana, but Beckett wasn't a big fan.  We've tried it a few times since and he's still not loving it.  I can't wait to try different foods!  And I can't believe my boys are big enough to do this.  

Beckett's skeptical face and Kiernan chowing down on bananas

Sweet, happy boys

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