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Tuesday, March 6, 2012


February was another laid back month.  We settled into more of a routine and it felt pretty good.  This new routine includes parties with our company friends.  Every time we go to a party or I grab a drink with the girls, I thank God that we were plopped into the middle of a great group of people.  The stress of moving to a new place is eased by having ready-made friends.

It's been an unseasonably warm winter ... which sucks.  I'm craving jeans and hoodie weather.  But it's been nice to have the boys out and about to enjoy the warmth.  We spend days outside enjoying the sunshine.  Brennan loves to help Brian work outside and we've made a few trips to the park, where Brennan was able to run and play and the little ones were able to enjoy the swings.

Brennan enjoying a cool, rainy day in the back yard

Helping Daddy wash the car

Little boys enjoying the sunshine

Brennan started swimming lessons again.  That boy is a fish and loves every opportunity he gets to hop into the water.  He really progressed a lot this month and is paddling, kicking, and blowing bubbles like a champ.

We were lucky enough to have another visit from Aunt Jen and Uncle Brian.  They were in town for less than 24 hours (on their way home from a cruise) and stopped to spend some time with us.  We played games all afternoon and drove up to Titusville to have dinner with Brian's parents.

Beckett & Uncle Brian

Aunt Jen & Kiernan

Brennan in the kids' play area at the BBQ restaurant

My dear friend Laura offered to watch the boys so that Brian and I could spend Valentine's Day together.  We grabbed a quick dinner in downtown Melbourne and saw a crappy Underworld movie.  The movie was terrible and the dinner was mediocre, but spending some alone time together outside of the house and away from kids, work, and chores felt great.  It's times like that which remind me why I love him, other than his superior clothes folding skills and ability to feed a baby and chase a toddler at the same time.  

On "Fat Tuesday" we took the boys out for some all-you-can-eat ribs in honor of Daddy's giving up meat for Lent.  While tucked into our own little corner of the restaurant, we had several people come over and make small talk.  I very often feel like a circus side show when out in public with all 3 boys.  The questions and comments are always the same -- "Twins? Aren't they the cutest!?" and "Oh my, you have your hands full!"  But aside from the gushing over how adorable all 3 boys are, this time we had several people comment on how well behaved all 3 of them are.  It felt good to hear that maybe we're doing something right with our kiddos.  It was music to our ears and fuel for our nerves.   

March will be more of the same routine.  Swim lessons will be swapped out for beach days.  We plan on taking Brennan on a "date night" to see the Lorax movie.  I'm starting ballet lessons for exercise and to get out of the house.  We might have a visitor or two for a long weekend.  Some things are new, but many are the same.  This place, this life, is finally starting to feel like home.

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