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Friday, March 2, 2012

Bring on the Brennan cute.

Brennan's vocabulary has been growing by miles these days.  Some things he says make me wonder where he picked it up, others make me want to throw him across the room, and others are so cute they make me melt into a giant mom puddle.  I want to bottle up these moments and save them forever.  Instead, I suppose I'll just record them so I can remember them after he and his brothers have successfully sucked out all of my brains.

  • "Help me!" -- He means he wants to "help you".  And no matter how much we correct him, he says "help me".  He'll get it someday.  In the meantime, I'm reveling in the cuteness.
  • "Up up away!!" -- Whenever he wants up on my lap he says this.  I'm not sure where he learned it, but it's ADORABLE.
  • "Right dare, hind you" -- Brian and Brennan have a game where Brian asks Brennan where something is and Brennan replies "dare".  Brian asks again and Brennan says "right dare!" When he asks again, he says "right there, hind you!" no matter where this object is.  Now he does it all day long.  He wanted something.out of a box yesterday and when I asked him where it was he said it was "right dare hind you mom".  I giggle.  And correct him of course.
  • "Alright brudda" -- When one of the babies is crying and I'm busy with the other, Brennan gets right in his face, pats his head, and says "alright brudda".  Of course, this either distracts a baby throwing a tantrum or further upsets a baby who genuinely wants something only mommy can provide.
  • "Big hug.  Big kiss.  Pat pat." -- Brennan loves to give hugs and kisses these days.  There was a time when it was like pulling teeth to get one out of him.  Now he's always coming up to me and showering me with love.  I adore it.  The repertoire goes like this: "Big hug Mom!" ::throws arms around me and squeezes::  "Big kiss Mom!"  ::plants lips on mine and holds them while going 'mmmmmmmmwa!'::  "Pat pat."  ::softly pats my cheek::  Seriously.  I melt every.single.time. 
  • "Wuv you" -- When saying he loves someone, my kid develops a southern accent.  His 'you' has an amazing drawl.  He used to only say it when I told him to.  Then he started saying it in response to someone saying it to him.  Now he says it randomly throughout the day.  There is NOTHING better than when he runs over, throws his arms around me, and says "Wuv you Mom!"

Of course, all of this cute is scattered amongst tantrums, screaming fits, and outright disobedience.  I firmly believe that 2 year olds must have a genetic predisposition to sprinkle the cute on top of the evil.  It's a survival mechanism.


  1. I completely relate to this post. Braden says very similiar things, and I to, love the "big hug" and kiss. And nothing is better than the "wuv you." !
    And, I love your blog Kelli! Thanks for being so honest with your posts!

    1. Thanks Shannon! They're the best, aren't they? And thanks for reading and for the positive feedback. It's nice to know that someone reads and enjoys :)


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