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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the plague.

This is a sad, pitiful household friends. 

Last Sunday, Beckett came down with a fever.  He was cranky and fussy and just didn't feel good.  Meanwhile, Brennan came down with a fever.  He spent a night in our bed for a night and had a few lazy, snuggly days.  Then Kiernan and I both spiked fevers and Kiernan started a little cough.  Daddy came home to save the day and I slept for hours and felt functional again.

Then Daddy started coughing.  And his nose got stuffy.  And Kiernan's cough got worse and he got stuffy.  And Mommy's nose got stuffy.

The 3 of us have been battling colds for 5 days now.  I have declared Daddy's sickness to be the flu, as he has had a fever for a few days now and just plain looks like he has the flu.  So I'm straddling the fine line between letting Daddy help so I can get rest and get better and keeping him away from the boys so they don't sick(er).  And lemme tell ya, straddling ain't comfy people.

I'll be happy when my men and I are healthy again.  Til then, there's lots of snuggling happening in this house.

poor, sweet Kiernan

Brennan and Mommy

Daddy & Beckett

healthy Brennan helping Daddy feel better

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