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Friday, March 30, 2012

Conversations with a 2 year old.

I just had the best conversation with Brennan.  Two weeks ago he decided to become a little adult and has been getting progressively better at conversing with us.  It's amazing and adorable and makes me want to squeeze the life out of him.

(I had just eaten a Hershey Kiss and Brennan came over to tell me something.)

Brennan: ::sniff sniff::  Um Mommy, put chocolate in hand!
Me: You want me to put chocolate in your hand?
Brennan:  Yeah yeah.  Brennan neeeeeeeds chocolate.  Yum yum.
Me:  I don't have any chocolate.  Where do you think we could find some?
Brennan:  Hmmm, let's see.  Treats over there on counter.
Me:  There's treats on the counter?  Where?
Brennan:  Show you!!  This way OK!! This way go Mom!  ::runs to kitchen::  Right there hind you chips!
Me:  The treats are behind the chips?
Brennan:  Yeah yeah.  Treats in hand.  Please Mom.  Three treats in hand.  Yum yum.
Me:  You want three treats?  That's a lot for a little Brennan.
Brennan:  Hmmm, let's see.  Brennan not little.  Brennan three treats in hand!
Me:  How about you have one treat now and after dinner you can have another treat?  Is that OK?
Brennan: How bout three treats now?
Me: No.  One treat now or no treats now.  Do you want a treat now?
Brennan:  OK thank you please Mom.  Welcome Mom.
Me: I'm supposed to say you're welcome Brennan.
Brennan:  Oh sorry.  Welcome Brennan.  How bout Brennan have treat for brother?
Me:  No, brother doesn't eat treats yet.  Someday you can share your treats with him.
Brennan:  Uh oh OK Brennan eat brother treat.
Me:  No, Brennan already ate a treat.  No more treats til after dinner.
Brennan:  Uh oh OK Brennan eat chips.

He's a smart one, that kid.  I adore him.

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