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Monday, March 12, 2012

Mothers against Daylight Savings time.

George Vernon Hudson can suck it.  Apparently he's the one to blame for this whole time change thing.  Or at least that's who Wikipedia tells me to blame.

I used to love the time change.  It was nice to shake things up a bit with "spring forward" and "fall back".  The most it affected me was to make sure I wasn't working the night of "fall back" when I'd be helping catch babies for a looooong thirteen hours instead of a manageable twelve.

Then I had children.  And I became a schedule-loving mama.  And realized why the moms I worked with dreaded "spring forward" when I was all, "Hey, we're at work for only eleven hours!  And then we get nice light evenings and it's still dark when we get home and go to bed!  Yippee!!"

I've worked So.F-ing.Hard. these past few weeks to get the twins (ahem, Beckett) to sleep on a schedule.  And I FINALLY succeeded.  For about 3 days.  And then, George Vernon Hudson had this great idea to skip 2a.m. and throw off the beauty that was our schedule.  And the twins are cranky and Brennan is confused and I'm in the corner in the fetal position.

I can only hope that it's a minor wrench in the plan and that they'll happily get back on track soon.  Two steps forward, one step back?

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