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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Twin Weight Tuesdays.

I didn't do a Twin Weight post last week because I was feeling {blegh} about weight loss in general.

But I'm back this week with good news.  I've lost a few more pounds and have reached my first of several small goals on the road to my overall goal.  It feels good to have accomplished something and that leaves me thirsting for more success.

On the exercise front, I'm feeling more "fit" these days.  I'm still insanely out of shape, but I told Brian this week on our weekend family walk that walking these 3 miles while pushing the double stroller is getting easier.  I'm able to go faster and not feel so much pain.  The hard part is that I'm still having trouble with endurance.  My walking/jogging on the treadmill is very frequently interrupted, so while I still get in the exercise, I'm not feeling as though I'm able to jog for longer than a few minutes (on a good day).

And while I'm not feeling as much pain while exercising (and after), I'm still experiencing quite a bit of it.  It's odd pain though -- foot, knee, and hip pain and pretty significant pain in what feels like my uterus.  I'm hoping it's all just lasting effects from a twin pregnancy.  I know that ligaments loosen during pregnancy and cause instability in the joints, so I'm blaming the joint pain on that.  And the uterine pain?  I've decided to blame that on the fact that it stretched to accommodate 13 pounds (and 3 ounces) of collective baby and maybe, just maybe, it's still trying to get back to normal.  Just to be on the safe side, I've made an appointment to see the OBGYN this week (and to talk about some birth control ... but that's a completely different post).

On the agenda for this weekend is my very very first 5K.  My darling husband signed me up back in January because I said that I thought I needed a goal to motivate me to get my runs in.  Oh boy.  This will be interesting for sure.  I have no worries about finishing 3 miles, I just don't know how quickly I can do it.  I just keep telling myself that my goal is under one hour, which is hopefully totally, completely manageable.

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